Retail and full service design solutions company, Chute Gerdeman, forays into India

Retail and full service design solutions company, Chute Gerdeman, forays into India

Author | Pritie S Jadhav | Thursday, Apr 06,2006 8:13 AM

Retail and full service design solutions company, Chute Gerdeman, forays into India

With the Indian market opening up and the government allowing 50 per cent FDI in the retail space, the sector is witnessing a huge boom. Several new malls have sprung up all over the country, and with new retail players gearing up to enter the country, the existing players are in for some tough competition.

Taking advantage of the opening up of the Indian market is Chute Gerdeman, a strategic retail and a full service design solutions company, which has marked its foray in the Indian market. Chute Gerdeman has set up a marketing office in Mumbai to cater to the sub-continent. This office will give the company access to big international players now entering India, along with big Indian players like Reliance, who are looking to make their mark in the sector.

Chute Gerdeman, which is headquartered in the US, has worked with well known names like Wal-Mart, Target, Victoria’s Secret, Bloomingdale’s, and Bath and Body works, among others.

Hozefa Attari and Murtaza Attari have been taken on board as Directors of the new Indian operations. Explaining the company’s area of functioning, Hozefa Attari said, “Unlike architects and interior designers, who work from only an aesthetic point of view, Chute Gerdeman ensures retail productivity as our designs are intelligence driven. Retail designing is a discipline on its own, it’s a science. If the customer entering a mall is given too much information or too little information, in either case he will lose interest and possibly won’t shop there. All these things make a lot of difference. Many a times retailers don’t give the store design too much of thought, which doesn’t help them.”

“The entry of Chute Gerdeman in the Indian market is aimed at helping the existing retail players take full advantage of the potential of their business by maybe making a few changes. The Indian market is very different from the international market primarily from the physical aspect. This means that the store sizes here in India are much smaller comparatively. Also Indian tastes are different and that is the reason we are establishing ourselves in India. There has to be a fine balance playing to the India taste and the aspirational values have to remain strong,” he added.

Chute Gerdeman has a process called ‘eye level branding’, a patented process, which delves into the essence and personality of the brand. Thus, the final design of the retail store is in tandem with the brand and the message it is trying to communicate and also ensures return on investment.

The company is currently in talks with all the large retailers in India and has set for itself ambitious targets to be achieved in the next one year.

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