Reporter’s Diary: Of lessons in humility, promptness & building relationships

Reporter’s Diary: Of lessons in humility, promptness & building relationships

Author | Priyanka Mehra | Saturday, Mar 24,2012 10:53 AM

Reporter’s Diary: Of lessons in humility, promptness & building relationships

The ‘IMPACT 50 Most Influential Women’ event, something I had been working on closely for over a month and a half now, turned out to be a huge success, if I can say so myself.

An event of this scale, brings with it not only opportunities of interaction with people in the industry who matter, but also can be likened to a crash course on the Indian media, advertising and marketing business. We had to know everything about the leading ladies and we had to get comments on them from colleagues and peer they had worked with.

That meant connecting with more than 104 industry members in a month’s time. And of course that was good fun.

The first thing that stood out for me while working on this special edition, was the importance of promptly replying to emails or any kind of communication for that matter. One common thread among ‘successful’ people is the fact that they respond to any form of communication, in good time. The reply may range from ‘please let me get back to you later’ or ‘can I extend the deadline’ or just a simple ‘this will not be possible to do’ but it all really helps the person who is requesting the response.

A response translates to acknowledgement that the communication is received and that the sender’s time and effort was respected.

By now, I have demarcated my own personal list of favourites within the industry, which is directly based on the degree of promptness of responding to communication. Another requisite to make it to my list was the way these people treated others, who are lower in designation and ranks than them, including the hotel staff.

It is amazing how people can behave differently in front of the camera and once it is off. But my list favourites were the same in front of and behind the camera. Who said it was easy to be on this list! ;-)

Jokes apart, interacting with these women achievers and other industry stalwarts has reiterated lessons in humility, promptness in action and communication, respecting other people’s time, the importance of building relationships and being in touch.

The guiding light or presence as you may call it, has been Noor (Fathima Warsia), who is the Executive Editor and seems to know the entire industry, better than if not as well as, her own family. Working with her brought its share of eccentricities, learnings and fun.

Well, the women’s issue may have come and gone, but I believe that every single day is Women’s Day -- cheers to girl power and the stronger and fairer sex.

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