Reid & Taylor registers 50% growth, courtesy Big B

Reid & Taylor registers 50% growth, courtesy Big B

Author | Noor Fathima Warsia | Friday, Mar 12,2004 6:50 AM

Reid & Taylor registers 50% growth, courtesy Big B

Reid & Taylor claims a 50 percent growth in its summer booking in comparison to last year. And substantial credit, according to the brand, goes to its Ambassador Amitabh Bachchan. In an attempt to take the figures forward, it has launched a new campaign, which revolves around the product story. The campaign’s is scheduled to break on March 15, 2004.

When Reid and Taylor signed Bachchan, there was a plan in place. Communication Custodian, Tarun Joshi, Reid and Taylor explains, “In an ACNielsen research, we observed that after a sharp climb, the sales graph started flattening. The difference between the people who considered the brand and who tried it was huge. So we identified the core problems and the issues that needed to be addressed.” The research’s findings put forth the need to change the perceived notion of an expensive brand and to build empathy with the brand.

Course of action taken – sign in a name that clicks with masses and classes. The communication went in phase one, where advertisements established the connect between Bachchan and Reid & Taylor. And now it is time to go to phase two, where the product story will be told. Consequently, the series of ads in the forthcoming campaign address two main issues – empathy and pricing.

Given the endorsement spree that Bachchan is on, one might question if his brand equity suffers in any way and whether he had indeed helped Reid and Taylor. But according to Joshi, the trade calls Reid and Taylor ‘Amitabh wala suiting’ and that the summer 50 per cent growth is only a testimony that the decision to rope in Big B is paying off.

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