Recron capitalises on unique move to promote its brand

Recron capitalises on unique move to promote its brand

Author | Saurabh Niranjan Turakhia | Thursday, Jun 30,2005 7:07 AM

Recron capitalises on unique move to promote its brand

More often than not, there is a tendency to assume that good brands somewhere must have used mass media in the brand building process. Thankfully, there are exceptions. Recron pillow, for example, has become the largest selling pillow brand in India and has not used mass media at all for its campaigns. The decision is not a market-specific decision as all over the world, this product category sees similar buying patterns with minor differences.

A lot depends on the product category and the exact way in which buying decisions are taken. Other factors that come into picture are the buying cycle and the price of the product. For example, pillow is such a product category, which sees buying decisions being taken at the point of purchase. Moreover, the buying cycle for a pillow stretches to four years.

What this means in essence is that to promote such products, more focus should be on point of purchase innovations. For example, Recron pillows were made available to see and feel at grocery stores, restaurants etc. In fact, the success was so great that it actually emerged as an alternative sales channel. The agency spokesperson gave insights on how use of unconventional medium helped Recron.

For Recron, benchmarking was done keeping in mind two of most successful brands that grew through retail presence – Kodak and Coke. According to the agency spokesperson, “What is also important is to observe, analyse and understand consumer behaviour at stores and outlets. It was observed that the decision maker for pillow purchases is the lady of the house. So it was decided to make Recron pillows available at all such places which she frequents – from restaurants to grocery stores.”

“The best part is that such innovations are more cost-effective and also more accurate in terms of reach and impact,” the agency spokesperson added.

With Hush and only a few local players like Kurl-on in the organised market, Recron capitalised on its unique move to promote its brand. It’s a revolution of sorts, considering that no mass medium has been used and moreover, ‘softness’ as a parameter was given importance unlike reach and frequency that are usually studied.

“Among the point-of-purchase materials developed, the dispenser is one that has been immensely successful,” said the agency spokesperson.

Presently available in 300 cities, Recron is all set to widen its reach with a stronger retail presence.

More than anything else, Recron has indeed proved that use of mass media is not mandatory for brand building. Marketers sure have a lesson to learn here.

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