Razorfish India creates campaign on Tourism New Zealand

Razorfish India creates campaign on Tourism New Zealand

Author | exchange4media News Service | Saturday, Jul 23,2016 8:45 AM

Razorfish India creates campaign on Tourism New Zealand

Razorfish has launched a campaign on Tourism New Zealand where the agency has promoted the campaign across various media including digital and print.

 Digital Media:

The overall digital media strategy was to generate awareness through a niche website, engage with the audience to showcase what New Zealand has to offer as a holiday destination and drive traffic to the campaign landing page through targeting travel information websites. Razorfish used custom ad formats (Yahoo Motion, Splash & Native Ads) which helped them garner more than 75 per cent of their target visits with an AV rate of 50 per cent.

Print Media:

Razorfish partnered with High Impact @ 2 or more frequency approach for their print media strategy, with publications in Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore and special interest magazines to showcase New Zealand as a holiday destination.

The following have been the result from the campaign Tourism New Zealand:

Ø Their experiment with Yahoo Motion Ads (inspired by cinemographs) has helped them achieve – 51k visits, 19k active visits and 55 per cent visit rate. They have future plans to utilise the same property.

Ø Native ads and High Impact have been consistent in driving high amounts of good quality traffic to their website. Native ads achieved 111k visits with an active visits rate of 38 per cent followed by High Impact i.e. 80k visits with an active visit rate of 38 per cent

Ø  Delivered 141% increase in visits against planned Delivered 57 per cent visit rate against planned 36% Delivered  CPV $1.12 i.e. 32% lower against planned $1.64

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