Pomotional strategy for WSH

Pomotional strategy for WSH

Author | Abid Hasan | Wednesday, Feb 29,2012 9:20 AM

Pomotional strategy for WSH

Nimbus is always associated with sports and now its taking it to the next level with the campaigning and telecast of World Series Hockey from February 29, which is a joint initiative with Indian Hockey Federation (IHF).

Suniel Shetty is the brand ambassador of the campaign and is featuring all over the television, print and internet to promote the national game.

So, why hockey? It looks like hockey is going to be the new‘cricket’. Sorbojeet Chatterjee, V P, Marketing, Neo Sports explained, “Hockey is the only sports after cricket that has a national fan following. We have never had a chance to watching primetime hockey.” Plus research had thrown up the fact that in India, “there’s a need for a strong second sports and hockey fits in”.

And as for the promotional campaign he elaborated,” It is an aggressive campaign that will create fantastic awareness for the brand.” There is a lot of print, both national and regional, TV (close to 20 – 22 channels - Hindi/English movies, news, infotainment), radio, outdoor , below-the-line. “There’s a Hockey Outreach Programme that will travel to many cities, engaging hockey players. Some 30,000 kids are to be coached - on a long-term basis. To create a ‘hockey experience’ for them,” he added. In fact the total spends are in the region of 35 cr in a span of 3 to 4 months.

Surbhi C Murthy, Associated VP, Allied Media felt that “This could have been done earlier, I wish and I hope this will work very well as we need an alternative game to watch from cricket, People are getting curious about hockey as we have got the ticket to London but it will also depends how its happening”

Talking further she said “It should be on a regular basis but it will take some time may be three or five years but if they perform well audience will take interest because at the end of the day it’s our national game.”

The tournament is based on a similar format of Indian Premier League and various teams had been formed. There are eight teams in the tournament Karnataka Lions, Delhi Wizards, Chennai Cheetahs, Pune Strykers, Mumbai Marines, Chandigarh Comets, Bhopal Badshahs and Sher-e-Punjab.

The series will end on April 2, just before the Indian premiere league will start i.e. April 4.

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