Pitch Media BrandOmeter 2014 promises to be the most definitive media tool

Pitch Media BrandOmeter 2014 promises to be the most definitive media tool

Author | Ankur Gaurav | Monday, Jun 23,2014 9:50 AM

Pitch Media BrandOmeter 2014 promises to be the most definitive media tool

The economy is expected to be back on track with the new Government in place as investors have already started pumping in money into the market.

Media spends and media planners have not had a very good year as far as their plans are concerned. Ad cap regulations were changed, TAM’s authenticity was questioned and various media planners have been constantly looking out for a better and more consolidated media rating tool that can help them in their media planning.

The major challenge for marketers and media planners in the country lies in the fact that there is no such tool which talks about Radio, Print and Television under one umbrella and provides the most comprehensive ranking of all of these based on similar parameters.

Debraj Tripathy, MD, Mediacom commented, “I believe the market really needs a tool to judge all the respective media channels with parameters valid across all the multimedia channels. The problem with various tools is that they provide the ranking, but lack analysis and data.”

Pitch Media BrandOmeter will be back in the month of July with the most dependable and definitive media ranking model in the country.

The study involves ranking of national as well as regional media vehicles, all based on the same parameters. Various parameters which become the core pillars of Pitch Media BrandOmeter study are Media Delivery, Professionalism, Service Ability, Innovation, Sales Team Knowledge, and these provide the most quantitative feedback. However, it is not always numbers that media decision makers go by.

Ashish Bhasin, Chairman & CEO South Asia Dentsu Aegis Network said, “All media planners have plethora of data available, but the real challenge that they face is to relate these numbers to their observations, judgment and assessment of the compatibility of the media with the brand’s task.”

The methodology adopted for Pitch Media BrandOmeter is divided into three stages: several in depth interviews are being conducted to understand the parameters they consider while selecting media for their plan, a survey has been conducted among an audience comprising of experienced media planners, buyers and advertisers. Besides this, the study is also backed by views of the leading media planners and marketers in the country and all this will be documented in the July issue of ‘Pitch’ magazine.

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