Pitch Media Brand-o-Meter released; delivery most important, but so is relationship

Pitch Media Brand-o-Meter released; delivery most important, but so is relationship

Author | Robin Thomas | Friday, Dec 18,2009 8:05 AM

Pitch Media Brand-o-Meter released; delivery most important, but so is relationship

With growing competition in the Indian media fraternity and launch of new television channels and newspapers, which further saw the market go regional and niche to better reach their target audience, ithas become imperative to understand the dynamics of media planners and buyers even better. While the competition for garnering consumer eyeballs is always high, nevertheless there is also said to be an invisible competition and communication to garner the eyeballs of media planners as well.

Following the Pitch CMO Summit 2009, there was a special discussion on Pitch Media Brand-o-Meter, which aimed at providing insights into India media brands. The aim of this research was also to understand the dynamics of media planning and buyer better.

The Brand-o-Meter has insights that are beyond numbers since media planners, buyers and advertisers have enough numbers to follow and thus, the need to go beyond numbers to understand the soft skill parameters.


Total respondents interviewed stood at 1,350, the target group included media planners, buyers and advertisers with more than two years of experience. The interviews were conducted online, followed by face to face interviews in both Mumbai and Delhi.

The scales used for measuring expectations were Critical, Important, Not so important and Irrelevant.

So, what is it that media planners and buyers usually want from media brands? According to key findings, 60 per cent felt delivery was ‘critical’, while 30 per cent felt delivery was ‘important’.

43 per cent of the respondents felt Professionalism was critical, while 52 per cent felt professionalism was important. In the Innovator parameter, 38 per cent respondents felt innovation was critical, while 57 per cent respondents felt innovations were is important. On the relationship parameter, 13 per cent respondents said it was critical, while 65 per cent felt it was important.

Following the key findings, a panel discussion was held to find out the usefulness of this study and ways to further improve it.

The panel discussion was moderated by Amit Agnihotri, Editorial Director, exchange4media Group. The panelists included Divya Radhakrishnan, President, TME; Sandeep Bhushan, COO, Mint; Mahesh Peri, Publisher, Outlook; Mitrajit Bhattacharya, President and Publisher, Chitralekha; and Rahul Sahgal, CEO Annik.

According to Radhakrishnan, “Delivery is most certainly important for us, however, the coverage of regional media was minimal. What are also very important for us are the local nuances, the future and information in that context is very important and more representations of regional players.”

Sahgal noted, “As India gets on the global map, we believe that relationship is also very important, however, we will aim to continue make this study more relevant.”

Bhushan said, “We, too, believe that delivery is a very important parameter, however, our take from the business point of view is that we will make sure we deliver better. We will try and look for information as such for better understanding as we want to make as much as difference to our advertisers.”

Bhattacharya added here, “While we must take note of improvement, our strategy will not depend on survey results alone. The industry today is more specialised and it totally depends on one’s target group. However, profitable growth will remain critical for each brand.”

According to Peri, “Media planners have a lot of information at hand and all of us are working to deliver good product with good team. Hence, what needs to be done is to remove anything to do with numbers, because there are a lot of numbers anyways.”

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