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Pitch CMO Summit 2016 : Good content is about re-discovering the art of storytelling: Harpreet Singh Kelloggs

Pitch CMO Summit 2016 : Good content is about re-discovering the art of storytelling: Harpreet Singh Kelloggs

Author | Ruhail Amin | Monday, Mar 07,2016 8:29 AM

Pitch CMO Summit 2016 : Good content is about re-discovering the art of storytelling: Harpreet Singh Kelloggs

The exchange4media Group held the annual Pitch CMO Summit on March 4, 2016 at the Grand Hyatt in Mumbai. The presenting sponsor of the event was Dainik Bhaskar and was powered by Colors. 

The Pitch CMO Summit is organised by Pitch, the marketing magazine of the exchange4media Group. It is a gathering of the best minds in the business of marketing. The agenda of the summit each year revolves around marketing in the present context and discussions focus on how best to market to the Indian consumer in this dynamic environment.

The event saw some of the top minds in the industry discussing different facets of advertising and marketing in today’s changing world. The Pitch CMO Summit also felicitated some of the top CMOs in the industry on the basis of their contribution over the course of last year.

At the Pitch CMO Summit 2016, Harpreet Singh Tibb, Director Marketing, Kelloggs India & South Asia, spoke on the topic –‘Brands are using Content Marketing to build Equities and Drive sales’, and highlighted how good content can trigger the right emotions among consumers.

Elaborating on this, Tibb said, “Good stories inevitably generate positive emotions and stories in today’s context need to evoke the right emotions in order to engage consumers with the brand. Also, to break the media clutter, good storytelling has emerged as an effective marketing tool.”

Tibb also spoke about how content marketing was not a new phenomenon but has been around for ages, with the only change being the medium, and how the coming of Television changed the game drastically. He also highlighted the ever evolving dynamics of the content marketing domain and the need for brands to be present at every single touch point and every single moment for greater influence. Tibb stated, “Few years back the role of the marketer was very simple and he was in total control and now it has moved beyond him.  The process is more democratised with consumers being equal participants, I would say it has become a two way street now and poses its own set of challenges.”

Summing up the framework of the content creation to three basic concepts ---Hero, Hub & Helping, Tibb underlined how marketers need to trigger curiosity by undertaking massive orchestration of their content strategy and time it right. He also spoke about how brands can take cue from consumers to create diversified stories, as Kelloggs has done in the past, and how storytelling needs to be authentic to capture the consumer’s attention.

“You need to be consistent about maintaining connect with consumers at every touch point as shoppers today are using multiple ways to connect with a brand. Moreover, it is important to make your content engaging through compelling visual presentation. And finally, we must not forget that good content is about re-discovering the art of storytelling.”

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