Pitch CMO Summit 2009: Building a deeper relationship with the consumer

Pitch CMO Summit 2009: Building a deeper relationship with the consumer

Author | Nitin Pandey | Friday, Dec 18,2009 8:06 AM

Pitch CMO Summit 2009: Building a deeper relationship with the consumer

After five insightful marketing case study presentations, the Pitch CMO Summit saw a panel discussion on understanding the consumer better. The panelists included Abdul Khan Head - Marketing Tata Docomo; Praveen Tripathi, President, Marketing & Sales, Pidilite Industries; and Director Marketing - South & South East Asia, Western Union Services. Amit Agnihotri, Editor, Pitch magazine moderated the session.

Throwing the session open, Agnihotri asked the panelists what according to them was going in the mind of the consumer.

According to Tata Docomo’s Abdul Khan, even during tough economic times, the consumer had felt the need for optimism. “He wants to engage with the brands that he likes. Knowledge and understanding of the market is necessary for us right now,” he said.

Praveen Tripathi of Pidilite Industries believed that the basic principle did not change even during the slowdown period. “During the last one year, the bonding of quality and trust kept us afloat. A deeper and meaningful relation with the consumer helps a lot and we were able to understand that.”

“Consumer wants value. We always believe in giving services that are aimed at giving enough value to the consumers. We have tried to reach out to the more and more places. We have believed in building confidence and creating value among consumers,” said Rajesh Mehta of Western Union Services.

Then Agnihotri asked the panelists to delve on their future plans. Khan said, “We will continue to innovate. We will keep going with our philosophy. The market is there, so we would keep engaging the consumer.”

Tripathi added here, “Under Pidilite Industries, we have so many other brands as well, we would like to build that category and will also communicate these brands to the consumers.”

Mehta has a clear aim for the coming year. He said that Western Union Services would continue with the tone and pace set this year continue with their reach-out programmes. The company will work on pre-departure programmes to educate more and more people about Western Union Services.

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