Pitch CMO Summit 2009: Bonding better – the Fevicol story

Pitch CMO Summit 2009: Bonding better – the Fevicol story

Author | Shilpi Ganguly | Saturday, Dec 19,2009 7:50 AM

Pitch CMO Summit 2009: Bonding better – the Fevicol story

Fevicol, a brand known for its memorable ads, has completed 50 years in 2009. In the fourth marketing case study presentation at the Mumbai edition of Pitch CMO Summit 2009, Praveen Tripathi, President - Marketing and Sales Services, Pidilite Industries, spoke about the special bond that Fevicol had managed to create with the consumers.

“To say that Fevicol is a successful brand is stating the obvious,” began Tripathi as he took the audience through a brief journey of the brand when it was not so successful and well known. In 1987, Fevicol had a value share of 12 per cent in the synthetic adhesive market. Till around 1992, the brand was worth Rs 20 crore and had almost reached a point of stagnation, Tripathi said.

But then, “a phenomenon called Piyush Pandey hit us”, transporting the brand to levels unimagined before, he said, adding, “Between 1992 and 1996, the growth rate of Fevicol was 100 per cent. While average growth in the category was 10 per cent, Fevicol was growing in leaps and bounds at 55 per cent. By 2006, the brand had achieved a market share of 70 per cent.”

Tripathi also spoke in detail how Fevicol’s advertising campaigns had changed over the years to suit their needs and communication objectives. “In different phases, what we want to say to our target audience has changed and our advertising has conveyed that message exactly. What we wanted to do is to take the message of ‘bonding’ into a metaphorical level, and we’ve been successful in doing that,” asserted Tripathi.

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