Philips launches Mirror Television, targets hospitality industry

Philips launches Mirror Television, targets hospitality industry

Author | exchange4media News Service | Wednesday, Feb 18,2004 6:02 AM

Philips launches Mirror Television, targets hospitality industry

Philips India, a subsidiary of Netherlands based Royal Philips Electronics, has launched the ‘Mirror Television’ – a versatile LCD display integrated into a mirror through polarized mirror technology, which transfers almost 100% light through the reflective surface.

This latest innovation by Philips has a dual purpose of information and entertainment. “This product has a huge potential for both high-end Indian consumers and the hospitality industry. We aim to provide a combination of information and entertainment for everyone – whether at home or at work,” says Shivakumar, Vice President, Consumer Electronics, Philips India.

“We started with a simple question – why can’t youngsters carry on with their household chores and at the same time get entertained? Why can’t we have a mirror product for the fast moving executives who can get a quick glimpse of the traffic situation in the city or watch the news? Why can’t a business executive get entertained or informed during his busy schedule?” says Suresh Sukumaran, Senior General Manager, TV Marketing, Consumer Electronics, Philips India.

Philips envisions the hotel version with built-in features such as bill payment centers and displays for pay-per-view movies. “Philips is the world's largest supplier of television displays to the hotel industry. The company will leverage on this key strength. It makes business sense to target the hotels,” opines Shivakumar.

“The LCD screen can provide television capabilities in the bathroom so you can watch the news/weather while you shave or apply makeup. The mirror can also be hooked up to display health data such as blood pressure or weight; when connected to a laptop or PC, it can become a large display for presentations or surfing the Internet,” elucidates Shivakumar.

Available in 17, 23 and 30-inches so it can easily be placed on the wall, the Philips Mirror Television provides a perfect solution to ever-shrinking living spaces.

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