P&G salutes women through its ‘Ariel Real Champions Program’

P&G salutes women through its ‘Ariel Real Champions Program’

Author | Nitin Sharma | Friday, Jul 11,2008 8:20 AM

P&G salutes women through its ‘Ariel Real Champions Program’

It is a well-known fact that behind every successful man is a woman who inspires him. And it is this woman that Ariel is celebrating and saluting in its latest campaign, ‘Har Champion ke peeche, Ek Ariel Real Champion Hai.’

As part of the programme, Ariel has roped in three of India’s leading cricketers – Yuvraj Singh, Zaheer Khan and Dinesh Karthik, along with their mothers and wife [Shabnam Singh (Yuvraj), Zakhiya Bhakhtiyar Khan (Zaheer) and Nikita Karthik (Dinesh)]. They would now be leveraged through various multi-faceted marketing initiatives, including print and broadcast advertising, consumer promotions and events, point of sale materials, online and public relations initiatives, which constitute the programme that will run across the country till the end of October.

Commenting on the initiative, Sumeet Vohra, Marketing Manager, P&G-India, said, “We have launched the ‘Ariel Real Champions Program’ to pay tribute to the demanding women who play a key role in the success of a champion in every field.” Throwing the light on the brand and the most preferred saleable packet, Vohra said, “The brand ‘Ariel’ currently stands at upward of Rs 260 crore and is very well traded between urban and rural belts of India. In fact, half of our revenues come from small pouches, which sell a lot in smaller towns.”

For this particular campaign, P&G India has roped in the idea from its South American peer, which had used soccer players as the champions and their better halves / mothers were given the tribute for the same.

Speaking on the creatives, theme and contest that are attached to the campaign, Vohra said, “Multiple media formats will be used for the campaign, for which the creative duties will be handled by Saatchi & Saatchi. The entire campaign will be based on the common theme - To pay a tribute and recognise the contribution of women to the success of champions in every field and to have these champions themselves appreciate and honour the invaluable contribution of these woman in their success today. We have a tagline that says: ‘Har Champion Ke Peeche, Ek Ariel Real Champion Hai’. This programme will also include an exciting consumer contest where on buying a pack of Ariel, you accumulate certain number of runs, like live cricket. The more runs women score and send back to us, the greater their chances of being recognised as the ‘Real Champions’ and meeting these cricketers.”

Commenting on the second phase of the campaign, Vohra said, “Today, we have targeted the cricketers. In future, you may see people from different fields who have made it big.”

The Ariel Real Champions Program is seen as a tribute to all mothers, wives and sisters behind successful champions who have come and gone, and the women who are here today taking their place, because ‘Har Champion Ke Peeche, Ek Ariel Real champion Hai’.

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