Perception is experience plus reality: Abhishek Ganguly @IPRCCA 2015

Perception is experience plus reality: Abhishek Ganguly @IPRCCA 2015

Author | Ritushree Patra | Monday, Nov 30,2015 8:10 AM

Perception is experience plus reality: Abhishek Ganguly @IPRCCA 2015

The sixth edition of exchange4media’s IPRCCA witnessed the presence of many eminent personalities from the PR industry, who gathered under one roof to celebrate and felicitate excellence in the public relations and corporate industry. The keynote of the evening was delivered by Abhishek Ganguly, Managing Director, Puma India. In his address, Ganguly shared his views on the factors that affect the ‘P3 India- Perception, Position and Proposition of India’.

On people’s perception of India he said, “Perception is today an experience. And a lot of times if you are ignorant about a nation you will build a lot of wrong notion about it. And that has happened to India for centuries together. If you go to European countries, India is still an esoteric enigma. Because of not what we are, but because of visibility. I think the most important element of perception is not just reality, it is about experiencing the reality. And in various facets of life, it is our responsibility that whatever we do outside of India, we need to ensure that not just positive messaging is happening but people come and experience India.  Whatever they see, read and talk about India should be our reality.”

On India as a proposition, he said, “In terms of India as a proposition, there are various elements. The first and foremost is India as a market. Everyone is talking about India being a big consumer market. And the responsibility that we have is to entice and excite global companies to get interested in India. If you look at India today, it is the most expat friendly countries, when it comes to working at the corporate side. India by no means is Xenophobic.”

Adding more he said, “There should be one voice of India when it comes to talking outside, when it comes to attracting people for various facets of business. The best thing that India can ever have within the democracy is political parties coming together with a common program that everyone believes in. The rulebook is when India as a nation prospers, each individual prospers.”

On area where India needs to develop, he pointed out, “If India’s perception of being creative on the kind of positioning that is our strength, the best way to deliver that is tourism. The amount of interest and curiosity that exists in Indian tourism is a very big opportunity today. But tourism is a double edged sword. Small instances happening here and there in India affect the really psyche people up. So, various machines making Indian tourism work should deliver a great experience to the foreign traveller.

On the positioning of India outside, Ganguly said, “A bundle of contradictions held together by strong but invisible thread. And I think that is the position that India holds in the global market. That is the position that is so unique to us. This for me justifies as to what you want to do as a nation—that of tolerance and unity among diversity. And I think that is the positioning that India should proliferate about itself.”

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