Ozone Ayurvedics lines up aggressive marketing plan

Ozone Ayurvedics lines up aggressive marketing plan

Author | Malini Menon | Tuesday, Jun 14,2005 7:42 AM

Ozone Ayurvedics lines up aggressive marketing plan

Ozone Ayurvedics, popularly known for their brand No Marks, has set itself for an aggressive target. “The company is looking at Rs 85 crore this year and is expected to grow at 100 per cent. It’s an aggressive target but the ground work is done,” said P S Sandhu, VP, Ozone Ayurvedics.

The company has planned to add another 80,000 outlets in rural and semi-rural towns, and is looking at penetrating majority of 20,000 plus towns in India. “Reaching out to these areas and strengthening the distribution network is a challenge but we are looking forward to it,” he said.

The two main areas where the company is going to focus in its penetrating strategy would be to create a strong presence of the products in these areas and then to create a ‘pull’ factor.

To attain this, a complete media plan has been charted out. For the new commercial on No Marks, with a dual message that the cream removes scars and will add fairness, it is going to tie up with Doordarshan along with other cable TV channels. “We are on the verge of striking a deal with Doordarshan wherein an intense campaign, in terms of deliveries and expenses, will run for eight weeks. This tie-up was because we found that even now cable TV channels are available only in 43 per cent of total households and we wanted to reach out even deeper,” he said. The Doordarshan tie-up is worth Rs 60 lakh.

The media spend on the TV campaign is Rs 2.5 crore. The TV commercial would also be aired on Zee TV, Zee News, Aaj Tak, Star News, MTV, Channel V, Sun, Gemini, Udaya, TV9, SS Music, Zee Gujrati, NDTV, Nepal TV and Kantipur TV.

On the media budget he said, “Ozone’s annual budget for media spends for 2005-06 is Rs 16 crore. Eighty per cent of this, which amounts to Rs 12.8 crore is electronic, and the rest Rs 3.2 crore is spent on print,” he said.

The amount that is set aside for media spends on the company’s flagship brand No Marks Anti-marks Crème is Rs 9.3 crore, he added.

Ozone has been one of the biggest spenders in the skin care category in 2004. According to official sources, last year it spent Rs 21,310,813 on magazines, Rs 5,27,62,384 on electronic and Rs 46,75,000 on newspapers. This year too with the new campaign it looks like the company is spending heavily on the campaigns.

For below-the-line activities, Sandhu said, “We are targeting Central India. We will be conducting seminars and one-to-one interaction platforms with colleges in UP, Madhya Pradesh, Bihar and Rajasthan.”

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