Outbrain acquires Revee, introduces programmatic content recommendations for Publishers

Outbrain acquires Revee, introduces programmatic content recommendations for Publishers

Author | exchange4media News Service | Friday, Mar 04,2016 11:14 AM

Outbrain acquires Revee, introduces programmatic content recommendations for Publishers

Premium content recommendation platform Outbrain has announced that it has acquired Revee, a technology company that allows publishers to track the revenue value of content in real-time. Using Revee’s technology, Outbrain has launched Outbrain Automatic Yield – a content recommendation solution that enables publishers to monetize audiences with a real-time understanding of each piece of content.

Time Inc. is the first media partner to implement Outbrain Automatic Yield and will initially roll out across Fortune and Entertainment Weekly, two of its core U.S. properties.

Yaron Galai, CEO, Outbrain commented. “With the rise of social platforms and more prevalent ad blocking, publishers' core business is under fire .Through this acquisition, Outbrain will be providing media companies with the technology and data they need to track the value of all content in real-time, maximize their revenue streams and grow their audience.”

He added, “It's no longer feasible to look at content delivery and how publishers make money in isolation,” adds Galai. This acquisition is indicative of where you’ll see our platform moving -- serving both the demands of audiences and the publisher’s larger revenue needs in real-time.”

Time Inc. Senior Vice President of Advertising, Andy Blau added, “We are pleased to be working with a partner like Outbrain, a technology partner who understands our relationship to our consumers through premium content. Outbrain’s latest innovations allow us to understand the value of our content. Increasing revenue by determining the value of our content is complex and Outbrain provides simple, effective tools.”

Outbrain Automatic Yield turns audience development into a profit center. The launch of Outbrain's Automatic Yield allows publishers – for the first time – to measure the revenue value of their content in real time. By integrating Revee’s patent-pending technology into Outbrain’s content recommendations, Outbrain solves one of the core problems digital publishers have faced from the beginning: how to connect content programming and revenue delivery with a single piece of technology.

Matt Crenshaw, Vice President of Product Marketing, Outbrain said, “Publishers are struggling to keep growing their audiences,” said “Facebook drove 32 percent less traffic to publishers from January to February last year, and Google and other inbound channels are getting more competitive. Publishers are frustrated and need a new solution. With Outbrain Automatic Yield, we’ve created an easy way for publishers to drive profitable traffic, ensuring user personalization and revenue delivery work together in real-time.”

Anthony Hearne, Regional Director, SEA, India & New Markets said, “We see this first-to-market technology as a true game changer for Publishers in Asia. Outbrain's publishing partners can now be confident that their audience development is totally automated and virtually limitless, because our  partners will know that every visit is delivering a positive ROI.”

Outbrain is also actively pursuing plans to grow the adoption of Outbrain Automatic Yield beyond the U.S., and will roll-out across the United Kingdom, Israel, France and other major territories in the coming weeks. Other beta partners at launch in the U.S. include Fox (FoxNews and FoxBusiness), and Rodale.

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