Onida’s Devil: Back with a bang

Onida’s Devil: Back with a bang

Author | exchange4media News Service | Wednesday, Sep 01,2004 8:21 AM

Onida’s Devil: Back with a bang

Indian CTV major MIRC, in a highly techno-driven media blitzkrieg today, relaunched the huge iconic identity of Onida, the Devil. Two new TVCs on the Devil, created by Rediffusion DY&R and shot in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, form part of the total advertising spend of Rs 10 crore that MIRC has earmarked for this initiative.

Addressing the media, V Chandramouli, Vice President, Sales and Marketing, said that MIRC’s research had shown the Devil as enjoying tremendous recall value with consumers and was perceived by them as a symbol of power and distinctiveness. Since Onida is seen as an innovative brand with attitude, MIRC decided to launch the Devil in a new avatar.

The Onida Devil has long been seen as the most enduring face of the Onida brand. The catchline, ‘Neighbour’s Envy Owner’s Pride’, while creating a distinct identity for the brand in the 90s, also led growth for the company in the CTV market.

Reinventing the Devil, Chandramouli said, it was a challenging task as the icon had to be made contemporary to reflect the changed milieu and context. So, while earlier the Devil stood for an anti-social and villainy stand, it was now characterised as individualistic and one having an attitude with power.

The pride of ownership and the pride of association, the two widely-held emotions that the brand Onida symbolised, have been integrated into the new campaign too. A strong 360-degree outdoor campaign and substantial investments in in-shop merchandising will support the TV advertisement.

Chandramouli also talked about the multi-branding strategy of MIRC as the highly efficient business model that has helped Onida corner a market share of 12 per cent against stiff competition. MIRC’s product bouquet strategy, he said, of expanding beyond just CTVs to other products has met with tremendous response from the marketplace. The company has embarked on a ‘Strategy for Scale’ business initiative besides re-launching the Onida Devil in the market This comprises, aggressive volume growth in Domestic CTV Market, building strong export/global presence and lastly, providing product bouquet.

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