OLA hopes to leave a green trail with new marketing campaign

OLA hopes to leave a green trail with new marketing campaign

Author | Ruhail Amin | Tuesday, Apr 25,2017 7:34 AM

OLA hopes to leave a green trail with new marketing campaign

Cab aggregator OLA has come up with a new campaign that not only highlights a critical social issue, but also sends across a powerful message in a nuanced way.

Called #ShareForEarth, the campaign was recently released to coincide with the World Earth Day.  As one of India’s fastest growing companies working to ensure convenient, transparent and quick service fulfilment using technology to make transportation hassle free for everyone, OLA’s latest campaign is all about raising awareness about key environmental issues, especially the one’s related to reduction of carbon dioxide emissions.

The new campaign also talks about ways to address issues such as global warming, need for clean air and reducing traffic congestion. Without splurging big budgets or roping in celebrities to put across the point, OLA has chosen to present the new campaign in an animated strip which vividly captures the importance of shared rides.

Speaking about the importance of this campaign, a spokesperson for OLA stated, “There have been many attempts to address the concern that India is the 4th largest contributor of CO2 in the global atmosphere, releasing more than 391 million tonnes of CO2 on Indian roads. That’s one huge footprint we leave. We have decided to push the envelope and start a drive to control the carbon footprint.”

The campaign #ShareForEarth has already been trending across social media platforms and the short film is being praised for its pithy message.

campaign film:

Keeping the importance of such awareness campaigns in mind, OLA has decided to make it a week-long affair. “Instead of just a day, we are extending the celebrations for a week, from April 22 to 28. For this week-long drive, each Ola Share ride will earn you 10 Green Credits and once you earn 30 credits or more, you unlock special rewards on your Ola Share rides,” the spokesman further added.

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