Need of the hour is that TV needs to be programmatic: Rajendra Khare

Need of the hour is that TV needs to be programmatic: Rajendra Khare

Author | exchange4media News Service | Saturday, Oct 10,2015 8:31 AM

Need of the hour is that TV needs to be programmatic: Rajendra Khare

At the 15th edition of the Exchange4media Conclave, which took place in Mumbai on last night, Rajendra Khare, Chairman & MD, Surewaves spoke about the problems for a marketer created by technology in terms of the various mediums. He said that every medium served a different purpose and hence had to be used in a way which could combine with other mediums in order to make a marketing plan effective. While technology can create problems for a marketer it can also solve them. “Like different musical instruments if you use them alone they won’t sound good. But when used together they can form a symphony,” he said.

He said that mediums are also getting very fragmented which also create more problems for a marketer. Each medium serves its own purpose and does a good job by itself. Technology over here plays as gateways can be created between each of these mediums which would establish a connection. These gateways allow a marketer to connect the mediums together in a way that the make sense to the consumer.

He further spoke on television being a traditional medium and being used as a brand building tool chiefly. But today it is possible to even use it a way which can drive results. He said that programmatic for television will become a reality soon in a similar way on the digital platforms. Surewaves has found a way of creating gateways to different mediums by targeting specific audience sets.

Khare said that technology companies like the ecommerce giants we see today are using TV for brand building. While at the same time also using digital as a medium to drive call to action. Sharing some trends he said that while a TV ad spot comes on it was noticed that most of the people go on digital devices. This gives opportunities for these brands to target them online too.

“The need of the hour is that TV needs to be programmatic,” he said. This is in a similar way how programmatic buying takes place on digital mediums. And while digital has embraced programmatic completely, he said that linear television can become programmatic. He further added that in the next 1 to 2 years it will take for programmatic on TV to establish itself. He ended by saying, “Programmatic buying on TV will become more a reality. Programmatic TV will even surpass the RTB platform business.” 

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