Mumbai’s dabbawalas carry Saffola’s ‘Healthy Heart’ message in a unique campaign

Mumbai’s dabbawalas carry Saffola’s ‘Healthy Heart’ message in a unique campaign

Author | Shikha Saroj | Monday, Oct 03,2005 7:50 AM

Mumbai’s dabbawalas carry Saffola’s ‘Healthy Heart’ message in a unique campaign

Theirs is an organisation that has defied all conventional management logic. Their’s is an organisation that, despite comprising mostly uneducated men, has successfully applied the Six Sigma principles, and their’s is an organisation that even the future King of England specifically wanted to meet. They are Mumbai’s ubiquitous dabbawalas.

And their’s is the organisation chosen by Marico Industries’ Saffola brand to spread the ‘Healthy Heart’ message on September 25, the World Heart Day. Saffola has tied up with Dimples Cine Advertising to spread awareness on the importance of exercising regularly and eating right to thousands of office goers.

The dabbawalas, along with delivering hot, nutritious lunches to offices in Lower Parel, Nariman Point, Churchgate and Bandra-Kurla Complex on September 25, also handed out pledge cards to office goers on which they had to sign to take care of their heart and health.

Explaining the innovative activity Lumina Thomas, CEO, Dimples Cine Advertising, said, “The client wanted something that would catch people’s attention. Since dabbawalas supply thousands of lunch boxes to offices everyday, they were the best means of spreading Saffola’s message for social welfare.”

She further said that slides were also screened in some multiplexes on September 23, 24 and 25 to reach a wider audience.

A Marico spokesperson said, “Saffola is a premier heart care brand in the country and our advertisements always promote the importance of living healthy.” The World Heart Day, she added, was the perfect day to reiterate Saffola’s message.

Besides involving dabbawalas, Saffola had celebrities pledging to take care of their heart. It also spread the message through television channels such as Zee and NDTV. Marico’s spokesperson further said, “We also distributed these pledge cards in our company to increase awareness within the organisation.”

Saffola’s advertisements are gradually moving towards a broader message of ‘Dil Ki Hifaazat, Aaj Se’. The Marico spokesperson pointed out that Saffola ads reflected the core idea of healthy living and not just through advertising food products. Saffola is also increasing health awareness through regular heart check-up camps that are organised in cities all over India. As Saffola realises the benefits of a good laugh, it also organises Laughter Olympics on a regular basis.

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