Mudra Max makes an entry into Youth Marketing with Concrea Communications

Mudra Max makes an entry into Youth Marketing with Concrea Communications

Author | exchange4media Mumbai Bureau | Saturday, Jan 23,2010 7:08 AM

Mudra Max makes an entry into Youth Marketing with Concrea Communications

With nearly 35 per cent of India’s population under 30, it is becoming increasingly essential for brands to maintain a constant connect with the diverse youth population across regions. Mudra Max and Electronic Youth Media Group’s Concrea Communications have joined hands to develop youth marketing platforms to connect better with this target group.

Concrea Communications has developed a ‘Student Transmitter Model’, which is a network of ‘insight seekers’, who are specially trained to tap into the undercurrent trends, opinions, seed conversations and provide a more candid access to Young India. Mudra Max and Concrea would be utilising this network to roll out a real-time youth communication platform both online & offline in the coming few months.

Pratap Bose, CEO Mudra MAX, said, “I believe that peer to peer youth marketing is all about engaging youth on their own turf and creating positive traction for brands where the youth of today become their biggest ambassadors. Our partnership with Concrea Communications is the first step in that direction. Mudra Max clearly wants to be a leader in the Indian youth space both in the urban and rural socio cultural divide. This partnership with Concrea Communications further embellishes our vision to be the finest experiential agency in the country.”

Concrea Communications’ Samyak Chakrabarty added, “A continuously evolving and fast growing youth populations such as ours makes it crucial for brands to develop a constant connect in order to tap into continuously changing buying triggers, life patterns, aspirations, preferences and wallet behaviour. We would also be leveraging our association with the Global Youth Research Partnership, to work with International Youth Brands looking at India.”

A bottom to top approach

All the offerings that will be launched will be based on the belief that ‘youth’ can never have a set definition since their aspirations, buying triggers, life-patterns, preferences, spending & behaviour cannot be ‘boxed in’, as it differs not only by situation and time but also by region. It has to be a bottom to top approach in order to successfully build brand loyalty with this segment. Some of the key projects planned would be to build the first ever online college festival, a young entrepreneurs’ network and to understand mobile youth culture, especially with reference to mobile number portability. The aim is to provide advertisers more effective touch points rather than just mere social media engagement, which often goes ignored since users are busy looking at their own posts.

Another aspect of this collaboration would be the ‘Global Youth Research Partnership’, which is a union of the world’s leading youth marketing companies managed by Mobile Youth (UK) aimed to work with companies wanting to expand internationally. The officials informed that the intention is also to foray into rural youth marketing. Extensive research has been planned to discover the various different sub-types and segments within the age group.

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