Mother Dairy comes under FDA scanner, denies allegations

Mother Dairy comes under FDA scanner, denies allegations

Author | Ankur Singh | Thursday, Jun 18,2015 8:07 AM

Mother Dairy comes under FDA scanner, denies allegations

The Uttar Pradesh (UP) Food and Drug Administration, on Wednesday, said it has found detergent in one of the samples of Mother Dairy’s milk packets. According to market reports, a sample of a packet of milk, taken from a city outlet during Holi by the department of Food and Drug Safety Act (FDSA) failed lab tests on several counts.

Besides the quantity of fat and natural saturated fat (NSF) being found to be much below the quantity claimed by the company, Mother Dairy is also facing allegations over the milk being diluted with water.

Mother Dairy, however, denied allegations that detergent was found in one of the samples of milk picked up from its collection centres, stating that it has sent it for retesting in a lab in Kolkata.

S. Nagarajan, Managing Director, MDFVPL said, “It is unfortunate that the loose milk samples collected at village level which are yet to be accepted for processing at our factory has allegedly not passed the tests of UP FDA. The milk sample reported has been drawn even before reaching the chilling centre, where the first level of testing happens to ascertain the quality of milk for further processing.”

Nagarajan further added, “As a responsible organisation we follow 100 per cent testing protocol rather than resorting to random testing procedures. In our endeavor to ensure only best and safe quality milk reaches to our consumers, we make sure that every batch of milk is again tested before dispatch. It is pertinent to note that Mother Dairy also follows a unique practice of testing its own milk at retail points too; around 100 samples from the market are tested on a daily basis, thus ensuring the product available is safe for consumption.”

“It is important to note that as a process, the milk is first pooled at the collection centre post which the collected milk is taken to the chilling centre where milk undergoes the required tests to check that it is free from any kind of adulterant and for % FAT and % SNF (Solid Not Fat). If the milk is found not meeting the requisite standards, the milk is rejected. Only acceptable quality milk is then transported to the Mother Dairy factories and then retested before receiving the milk inside the factory for further processing,” said a company statement.

The cooperative’s official statement went on to state that “Mother Dairy Milk under goes 4 levels of thorough testing at input, processing, dispatches and even at market level. Every tanker of milk reaching our plants passes a series of 23 stringent quality tests to check any deviation from defined parameters. These tests assist in detecting contamination of milk through water, urea, detergent, oil, etc. For any such adulteration, the milk is immediately rejected from further action. Only after securing clearances from all quality measures, the milk is then accepted for processing and reexamined after processing thus ensuring the product available is safe for consumption.”

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