Men In Black II: Companies line up for brand promotion activities

Men In Black II: Companies line up for brand promotion activities

Author | exchange4media News Service | Monday, Jul 22,2002 7:37 AM

Men In Black II: Companies line up for brand promotion activities

Men In Black II, slated to be released next month, starring Smith-Tommy Lee Jones has been able to rope in a whole range of companies to be part of the various promotion activities. Besides a myriad corporates involved in promotions, the Sony Group company is also planning to sign on a Bollywood star.

According to industry sources, the Men In Black II is a really big film and the company is releasing 200 prints of it all across the country. This is double the number of prints released for the first Men In Black.

The Will Smith-Tommy Lee Jones starrer is being dubbed in Hindi, Tamil and Telugu and a whole range of companies have been roped in. ING Vysya, Seagram, Rockport and Ray Ban are to be part of the various promotional activities. Sify has also tied up with the film and it is being promoted at their cafes across the country.

In the US, besides Ray-Ban, and Rockport, companies such as Mercedes Benz and Burger King have also been associated with the film. Ray-Ban has come up with new variants to its Predator sunglasses for the film.

Columbia Tristar is also planning to go local and is signing up some local brands in cities such as Hyderabad and Kolkata. So, there are trams in Kolkatta painted black, an entire station in Mumbai has donned the black colour and even theatres are being spruced up.

According to media analysts, "Men In Black generated a lot of revenue and brands like Ray-Ban saw phenomenal increase in sales, especially of their MIB range of sun shades. Companies like Seagram or ING Vysya are hoping to get some brand hype by being associated with the film.'' The movie is targeted at the youth, the segment these brands are also aiming at.

The movie has already earned over $90 million in revenues in the US in the first five days of release and Columbia Tristar is hoping for a similar performance in India.

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