Marketers turn to technology to lure kids to books

Marketers turn to technology to lure kids to books

Author | Abhinav Mohapatra | Friday, Jun 01,2012 9:05 PM

Marketers turn to technology to lure kids to books

The habit of reading is on the decline amongst kids today. With several other activities vying for their attention, parents find it difficult to lure kids towards books. This apart, the Indian customer wants value for money; hence, marketers need to maintain a balance between education and fun when it comes to products for kids.

Manish Rajora, MD, Aadersh said, “When we connected to kids through licensing of cartoon characters with brands such as Mattel Toys, Hot Wheels and Barbie, everyone wanted to be a superhero or a doll. Now we are trying to put technology into books so that the learning experience is fun by introducing talking books in 18 regional languages.”

Manoj Chandra, Founder and CEO, Allschoolstuff shared a word of advice for parents. He said, “To bridge the gap between parents and kids, where the kid is the consumer and the parent is the authority for finance, parents need to understand the requirement of the child, while brands need to pose what is good for the child to the parents.”

While e-books can be a good medium to draw kids to reading, they are priced quite high for parents to consider them as a regular option. Vatsala Kaul Banerjee, Editorial Director, Hachette India stressed on price regularisation of e-books available online. She said, “There is a high emphasis on educational and non-fiction books. School books sell very well, but when parents go to buy a work of fiction, the price matters all of a sudden.”

She also lamented the fact that there are not enough vendors in the market selling e-books, which she feels, have a great future.

Manish Rajoria, Manoj Chandra and Vatsala Kaul Banerjee were speaking at a panel discussion on Retailing to the Child Consumer at the World Children Expo 2012, organised by Creative Children Media in Delhi.

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