Market research takes a Quantum 360 leap

Market research takes a Quantum 360 leap

Author | Shubhangi Mehta | Friday, Feb 25,2011 9:39 AM

Market research takes a Quantum 360 leap

Quantum Market Research Pvt Ltd has decided to take the next big leap after 20 years in thought leadership with the launch of Quantum 360.

Quantum 360 aims to address new age brand and marketing challenges. It plans to drive its 360 degree perspective through the unique blend of consumer expertise and processes that aid disruptive thinking.

Commenting on the launch, Meena Kaushik, Executive Chairman, Quantum Market Research Pvt Ltd, said, “This is a real big step in our journey to understand the consumer mode holistically and more deeply. It is the new face of Quantum that we believe our clients will find invaluable.”

Tirthankar Dash, Senior Vice President, Quantum, added here, “Everyone is unsure about the future and a consumer needs someone to lead them. Marketing needs imagination; not in a mathematical sense, but creative sense. They want a possibility which they have never thought about. We plan to become creative imagination experts.”

Sharing his views on the new launch as a Quantum client, Sanjay Dutta, Manager, Research and Development, ITC Ltd, said, “ITC and Quantum share a history, I came in later. I personally believed market research was always quantitative rather than qualitative. I confess that a lot of qualitative research that I understand today, the credit goes to Meena and her company.”

Prahlad Rao, Senior GM - Product Planning and Strategy, Mahindra & Mahindra, another Quantum client, said, “We are more of an engineering company. For us, market research starts 4-5 years before the launch of a product. So, for us Quantum can be described as someone helping out with a research on product launch 4-5 years before it’s there in the market, which in itself is a great achievement.”

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