Madison, Fame Adlabs light up movie promotion displays

Madison, Fame Adlabs light up movie promotion displays

Author | Noor Fathima Warsia | Friday, May 28,2004 7:46 AM

Madison, Fame Adlabs light up movie promotion displays

Fame Adlabs has got together with Asian Paints to execute Madison Media’s idea of introducing an interactive movie poster in theatres. The Wits Interactive developed technology ‘iframe’ is the latest in movie promotion displays in cinema. The concept is not just India’s first interactive movie poster but makes its mark in Asia for the first time.

“Introduce interactivity and any communication message becomes more effective,” explains Rajiv Gopinath, Media Director, Madison Media, “With this idea not only have we created a clutter break in context to the various movie displays in the theatre but also the manner in which these brands are correlated is also significant.”

The display is like a screen built in a wall in the theatre. The wall is endorsed by Asian Paints, playing on the brand’s communication of ‘anything special deserves a ‘Royale’. Throwing more light on these associations, Gopinath explains, “Asian Paints association with something special comes across with this initiative. This screen will display only high class movies and thus the treatment of premium.”

And what does Fame Adlabs gain? “We are constantly working on ways that enhance viewers’ cinema going experience,” says Deepak Netram, National Sales and Marketing Head, Fame Adlabs, “With this, we house revolutionary technology in movie displays and promotions. Importantly, it indicates to clients that theatres provide an ideal and optimum space for promoting their messages and making their presence felt for select targets and this makes a considerable difference.”

Coming to the technology itself, ‘iframe’ uses Intelligent Content Distribution Architecture (ICDA), a proprietary technology developed by WITS Interactive Pvt. Ltd. to deliver an engaging experience to the cinema going audience by converging different promotional media like print, multimedia and film. ‘iframe’ powered by WIT engine, makes the content intelligent and beams full motion promos on detecting the presence of its audience.

The standby mode of ‘iframe’ is a static poster with a minimum animation built in to attract the viewer towards the poster. Once the viewer comes within a pre-defined range of the poster, the sensors within the poster detect human motion and the static poster breaks into a motion film. The motion film continues for a pre-programmed time period after which it again breaks into the standby mode till it detects the next movement. With special features like voice activation and personalisation soon to be incorporated, ‘iframe’ aims at creating a buzz in movie display promotions.

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