Leonardo launches user-friendly labels for its olive oil range

Leonardo launches user-friendly labels for its olive oil range

Author | exchange4media News Service | Monday, Sep 19,2011 8:56 AM

Leonardo launches user-friendly labels for its olive oil range

Dalmia Continental has re-launched its product range under the Leonardo Olive Oil brand in new packaging. Its bottles and tins now carry labels that have been designed keeping in mind the different grades of olive oil and their uses in India. The new labels clearly spell out which grade to use for Indian cooking, which for salads, which for massage, and which for western cooking.

“Our key message has always been ‘use the right grade of olive oil’,” said VN Dalmia, Chairman, Dalmia Continental, adding, “For the past few years, all our marketing and branding strategies have been aimed at getting this message across. This new label is an extension of our commitment to encouraging the use of olive oil by building greater awareness amongst our customers about which grade to use.”

Leonardo Olive Oil is available in three grades: Leonardo Olive Pomace Oil, Leonardo Olive Oil (Pure) and Leonardo Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Leonardo Olive Pomace Oil is best suited to everyday Indian cooking and frying. Its new label now carries a prominent image of a traditional Indian thali and clearly states ‘For Indian Cuisine and Frying’. The label for Leonardo Pure Olive Oil states ‘For Western Cuisine and Body Massage’. The label for Leonardo Extra Virgin Olive Oil says ‘For Salad Dressings and Dips’.

Dalmia further said, “It is such a simple – almost obvious – idea, we now often wonder why no one thought of it before. The whole industry spends huge sums in educational and awareness-building campaigns, as do we. In a single stroke of communication, we have now come up with a solution to one of the biggest problems plaguing the industry. Like all great innovations, revamping our labels was a simple idea which will surely have far-reaching effects.”

The olive oil industry in India is growing at 50 per cent per annum, while Leonardo is said to be growing at 120 per cent per annum. Despite this rapid growth, one of the main obstacles faced by the industry is the prevailing confusion amongst consumers over the different grades of olive oil and whether or not there is one suited to Indian cooking.

Dalmia Continental had launched its Leonardo brand of olive oil in India in 2003.

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