Lenovo launches new master communication platform

Lenovo launches new master communication platform

Author | Tuhina Anand | Thursday, Apr 15,2010 8:27 AM

Lenovo launches new master communication platform

Lenovo’s World Wide Marketing Services has launched a new Master Communication Platform (MCP) to enable the company accelerate recent success and stimulate further growth worldwide. The MCP implements a single, worldwide marketing communications strategy to position Lenovo’s brand and products. This will guide Lenovo’s marketing communication for a period of at least two years and provide a unified communication platform for Lenovo’s two brands - Think and Idea.

While the MCP will create a clear framework for all marketing communication for Lenovo World Wide, it will not curb either creativity or customisation to local communication needs. The MCP is a communications framework that establishes the brand positioning through a Big Idea, creates a unique global identity and harmonises short-term (demand-generation) objectives and long-term (brand) objectives.

The new MCP will help Lenovo drive growth, create a unified global voice for its two brands and enable it to deliver a compelling message to its customers in every region and segment and for every product campaign.

Rahul Agarwal, Executive Director, World Wide IMC & Metrics, Lenovo World Wide, commented, “Today, we sell some of the world’s most creative and stylish consumer PCs in more than 80 countries. Idea is the world’s fastest growing consumer PC brand. Think has gained momentum. The recent launch of ThinkPad Edge, the ThinkPad X100e, A70z an all-in-one, and other great Think products have added fuel to Lenovo’s growth in the commercial business around the world. Our unified global communication strategy will further accelerate the growth by reinforcing our effort to integrate our marketing focus globally to establish ‘Lenovo’ as a global brand in both mature and emerging markets. Therefore, enabling us to speak to the world as one company, with one voice.”

Both Think and Idea have unique brand propositions that are the foundation for all marketing messaging and activities for each brand – namely, for Think: The Ultimate Business Tool, and for Idea: Make Life More Fun. From that foundation, both Think and Idea have themes that permeate the campaigns for each brand’s products. Those themes are for Think: There’s More Thinking in a ThinkPad and for Idea: What’s Your Idea of Fun?

The MCP – and the Think and Idea themes – will be incorporated into the templates and marketing materials to be used in the new fiscal year. What makes the MCP important, though, is that it will guide Lenovo’s marketing messaging at least for the next two years.

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