Legrand launches new television campaign to reach out to the mass market

Legrand launches new television campaign to reach out to the mass market

Author | exchange4media Mumbai Bureau | Thursday, May 11,2006 8:20 AM

Legrand launches new television campaign to reach out to the mass market

Legrand India, part of the Euro 3.2 billion n Legrand Group, has recently launched the second phase of its advertising campaign. After successfully establishing brand recall with its ‘Hands forming the logo’ commercial last year, this year Legrand aims to fortify its presence aggressively in the mass Indian market.

The 30-second commercial features a young boy home alone on a rainy day. He decides, like most kids, to get his rocks off playing with something he shouldn't be playing with. He happily dons Daddy's expensive suit and imitates an orchestra conductor while listening to a piece of interesting fusion music. Enthusiastically waving his little arms about like a mini Zubin Mehta, he drifts off to a sublime place – the magic of a child’s imagination. Only when the commercial ends – and the little boy impishly grins at his make-believe baton (the remote control of a home automation system) does the viewer discover the brand that served as the enabler.

Said Benoit Lecuyer, Managing Director, Legrand India, “The clutter breaking advertisement reiterates our approach of being innovative, while maintaining high quality standards and keeping in mind the interest of consumers. Legrand India believes in creating life-long solutions to enhance the lifestyle of the end customer.”

Lecuyer further said, “The new TVC is aimed at creating a sublime brand experience for the end customer, thus treading on a path of innovation unlike other players. The ad definitely does not belong to the old school of reaching the consumer directly. This one in a million advertisement showcases the brand as a true world-class home automation company that is all about encouraging the consumer to fulfil his aspirations. The unique concept of a child playing with lights in sync with the music via the help of home automation, gives the advertisement the finishing touch.”

The TVC has been conceived by RMG Connect. Sharing his thoughts on the campaign, Deepak Agarwal, the Creative Director of the commercial, said, “While we were conceptualising the ad, we had one thought in mind: reach the heart of the consumer. And the best way is through an innocent child enjoying his moment of being home alone.”

He added, “The TVC is more about realisations of dreams and fulfilment of aspirations, rather than selling the product. We deliberately created a subtle situation to emphasize the aspirational aspect of the product.”

The music director of the TVC is Vicky Goswami, and Marco Kalantari from Austria has directed the commercial. The cinematography is by Jason West of Australia.

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