KDD takes the experiential marketing route

KDD takes the experiential marketing route

Author | Deepa Balasubramanian | Thursday, Jan 24,2013 1:52 AM

KDD takes the experiential marketing route

Kuwait-based dairy company KDD, which is gearing up for an India foray with its brand Harvest, has turned to experiential marketing to build awareness and create consumer connect.

Fullpower, an advertising and design company, recently executed a two-day mall activation drive for KDD in Chennai during the Pongal weekend.

As part of the activation, a 15 feet tall structure in the form of an oversized carton of fruit juice with fruits pouring out of it was installed at the Express Avenue mall in Chennai. The structure was designed by artist Amaran A, an alumnus of IIT Mumbai.

Speaking on the installation, Prashant V, Co-Founder, Fullpower said, “It was a challenge to install a 15 feet tall design, and at the same time to get the perspective right and make it look great. We got very good response from the people here.”

The objective behind the activity was to get as many people as possible to see the installation, interact with it and get to experience it, in the process creating awareness and recall for the brand.

Nikhil S, Co-Founder, Fullpower shared, “The client’s brief to us was to get the customer to interact with the brand without pushing them to do anything. The installation worked for the brand and created lot of wow moments for the consumer.”

On selecting Chennai to create visibility for KDD, Nikhil S explained, “Chennai is an important market for Harvest. Since the festival of Pongal celebrates harvesting, we thought we had a good connect and there was an opportunity to engage the people of Chennai.”

For brand Harvest, the activity has opened up a new arena to engage the consumer without invading their space, but to get them to experience something that is unique to each consumer.

Given the positive response to the activation, plans are afoot to execute similar activations in six other malls across six cities in India.

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