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Jury meets to deliberate on winners for Pitch Youth Marketing Awards 2013

Jury meets to deliberate on winners for Pitch Youth Marketing Awards 2013

Author | Rashi Bisaria | Thursday, Dec 12,2013 7:34 AM

Jury meets to deliberate on winners for Pitch Youth Marketing Awards 2013

Jury members of the Pitch Youth Marketing Awards 2013 headed by Jury Chairperson Agnello Dias, Founder and Chief Creative Officer of Taproot India, met in the National Capital for screening of entries for the 12 categories.

The Pitch Youth Marketing Summit and Awards will take place on December 18. The Awards are an acknowledgement of efforts in marketing through the year, to the youth. With more than half of India’s population consisting of youth, marketers must get their act right to capture this target audience. Marketing to the youth has always been a challenge but some brands have made rapid strides to capture this market as was evident from some of the entries.

Dias noted, “The biggest thing with youth is that they will either love you or totally ignore you. But they will rarely ever hate you and therefore it is always very difficult to tell what went wrong.”

The categories were varied and the competition was close, but what stood out was the fact that brands have begun talking to youth. Categories such as “Best Disruptive Youth Brand” and the “Usage of Unconventional Media for a youth brand” had some of the most exciting entries, but the maximum entries poured in for the “Best Digital Media Strategy for the Youth” category, keeping the jury occupied for long.

It was evident from the entries that brands are trying their hardest to understand the motivations and preferences of youth and connecting with them in their language.  As someone who has managed to grasp the Indian youth’s mindset, K Ramakrishnan, President - Marketing, Cafe Coffee Day and a jury member this year, had his own insight to share. He said, “Youth in India are far too busy to expect anything from any marketer; the marketers need the youth and not vice versa. I guess, in attempting to get a part of their attention, marketers need to speak not just the language of the youth but their current interests, concerns and needs.”

Stage is now set for revelation of the Pitch Youth Marketing Awards 2013 winners on December 18.

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