It’s war on the branded salt front

It’s war on the branded salt front

Author | exchange4media News Service | Friday, Jun 21,2002 8:26 AM

It’s war on the branded salt front

The battle in the branded salt market has gained momentum as players are trading charges against each other at forums like the Advertising Standards Council of India (ASCI). Protesting against the combative advertising mode of Dandi Salt, a number of companies have registered their complaints at ASCI.

Some of the players in this segment earlier took objection to a Hindustan Lever Ltd’s (HLL) television commercial for its salt brand ‘Annapurna Salt’ and referred the case to ASCI three months ago. Their contention was: HLL’s television commercial states that other salt brands lose the required iodine content by the time it reaches the consumer and only Annapurna retains the right content.

ASCI referred the case to its ‘Consumer Complaint Council (CCC)’, which viewed the advertisement and decided that the ad was misleading.

According to the HLL, Annapurna iodised salt was launched last year with this technology. In addition to there own tests, comparative tests was done by the Central Salt and Marine Chemical Research Institute (CSMCRI), a laboratory under the Council of Industrial Research (CSIR), which conclusively stated that HLL has been able to stabilise iodine in Annapurna iodised salt through the use of this technology.

According to the HLL, the new advertisement strongly communicates these benefits as compared to the earlier communication, which was also found objectionable by the ASCI, on the use of expression ‘tata’, which has since been removed.

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