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David Jensen

Senior VP, Communications & Investor Relations | 09 Nov 2005

“When we were part of GE, we were known as GE International services or Gecis. When the ownership structure of our company changed last year when GE sold 60 per cent of the equity to two private equity forms – General Atlantic and Oak Hill – it made sense to create a new name that reflects our independent status and better communicates our value proposition.

A science graduate from Arizona State University, David Jensen has previously served as Boeing’s PR manager for Asia as well as Executive Vice-President for Ketchum, a global PR consultancy based in Hong Kong. Jensen, who joined Gecis (now rechristened Genpact) in June 2005, heads Communications. He was also Director of Corporate Communications for GE Capital and had served as Vice President-Communications, GE Equipment Services.

In his current role, Jensen is based in the US, and his areas of responsibility include brand management, advertising, marketing communications, analyst relations, and employee communications, public affairs and media relations. In a freewheeling interview with exchange4media’s Pallavi Goorha, Jensen speaks about the new logo and the brand building of the company. Excerpts.

Q. Which agency did you appoint for developing the new branding? What was the brief that you gave to the agency?

We had screened eight to 10 agencies online to develop the new brand. Of these, we identified three and then asked for a proposal. Interbrand, a well-known branding firm, scored the highest of the three. We had reviewed their credentials online and found Interbrand to have the best reputation in terms of corporate identity and branding.

Q. Could you elucidate the thought process behind the new branding?

Interbrand went about interviewing employees, customers, key leaders and thought leaders to find out what Gecis stood for. The brand promise is how we impact our customers, revenue, and impact and customer relationship. We almost came up with a tagline first. Every communicative meaning was looked up in the dictionary. We picked up a shortlist of names and then we chose Genpact through a legal research. We were also able to secure Genpact.com as our URL.

Q. Why did you change the company name? What was wrong with old name?

When we became a part of GE, we were known as GE International Services or Gecis. When the ownership structure of our company changed last year, this was when GE sold 60 per cent of the equity to two private equity firms – General Atlantic and Oak Hill – it made sense to create a new name that reflected our independent status and better communicated our value proposition.

Q. What does the symbol signify?

The symbol is in the form of a triangular red arrow impacting a blue field, which conveys pushing the envelope, higher margins through better efficiency and effectiveness, and of course, business impact. It also reflects cultures and companies working together and that we think out of the box.

Q. Considering Genpact is a global player, what kind of ad spends is involved in publicising the new brand?

The advertising spends in all the markets globally stood at $1 million. “In India, we are targeting five cities – Delhi, Hyderabad, Bangalore, Jaipur and Kolkata. We are mainly advertising in print and have put up hoardings in all these five cities. We also have plans to advertise on the Internet in the future.

Q. What initiatives have you taken to publicise the new brand name?

We are building the Genpact brand by fulfilling its promise – to use the intellect and insights of our people to drive positive excellence, causing positive impact on the business performance of our business customers. We are in talks with industry professionals, ITES, BPOs, Nasscom, as well as outsourcing summits, and issuing white papers to publicise the new brand. We are doing this through customer visits as well as advertising in key business press and outsourcing journals. We have also launched a new website, www.genpact.com.

Q. Companies are investing large sums on their corporate identities. What role do you think corporate identity plays in building corporate reputation and brand value?

Genpact is investing more in its brand, not how it is expressed visually. We want the world to know what Genpact stands for. Our employees, customers and friends will come to know this by our actions – the behaviour behind our process intelligence, not by anything we advertise. A great company with a weak corporate identity is a disadvantage. We believe our name and corporate identity are symbols of our brand promise and value proposition.

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