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Rathi B Pal

MD | 29 Dec 2003

"The amateur film market has seen an encouraging growth of about 10% in the recent times. We are now targeting this fast growing segment"

In our Brand Speak section this time we talk to Rathi. B. Pal, Managing Director, Jindal Photo Films Limited. on the challenges of branding, the growing amateur segment and the future of personal imaging.

Q. How is the brand doing in the market, can we have some figures, regards to the sales and market share of the company in 2002?

Overall in the 90 million roll-film market Fujifilm has a share of 36%. The Amateur film market has seen an encouraging growth of about 10%. While Fujifilm brand has been the first choice of the professional photographers, we are now focusing this fast growing amateur segment.

Q. Which digital cameras is Fuji planning to launch? And, with what features?

If we look, in terms of variety and functional capability, Fujifilm's digital cameras with new media fulfill the widest array of market needs. Also, Fujifilm is planning to launch some new digital models in India. These will be FinePix F401, FinePix F402 and a unique offering FinePix M603, which also has a high-quality movie recording capability.

Q. What are the challenges you face while branding your products? And how is Fuji addressing those challenges?

The key issues as regards branding in the photographic product area is the association of technology with personal image aspirations of our customers are getting more and more self-reliant, when it comes to cameras and roll-films. Due to higher education, more disposable income and the availability of high technology products at relatively affordable prices - the amateur segment is a growing one. The segment is now 'younger', 'smarter' and more discerning than ever before.

On how Fujifilm has addressed this phenomenon! Well, by surging ahead with the leadership in 'digitization,' and introducing a flurry of high technology cameras and roll films. Our 400 ASA film is by far the best film available in the amateur segment. This gives our customers the ability to 'shoot like a pro'. Hence - 'those who are shot the most.. love to be shot on Fujifilm.'

Q. Fuji presently has Aishwarya Rai as its brand ambassador, how has been the response. Who are the new brand ambassadors of Fuji, March onwards?

Our association with Ms Aishwarya Rai has been very fruitful. The ad recall has been fairly good because of the 'Aish Factor'. Our association is a long and happy one. We have not decided yet on the front of additional brand ambassadors.

Q. What are the new trends that you observe in this area, which would increase the revenue sources of the players?

Today's consumers are seeking a wider range of imaging services than ever before - using conventional films, digital still cameras and every type of computer-manupulated image. Fujifilm's Frontier series of digital minilab is designed to answer these needs. With the introduction of digital cameras, the photo-imaging industry is facing the challenge of creating fresh market demand for digital camera prints. Fujifilm is unveiling a ubiquitous solution for stimulating printing demand, a solution that shops can introduce immediately with adaptations, to suit market conditions and business scale.

Our Frontier series of digital minilabs delivers prints of superior quality from digital media as well. This means that any Frontier shop can accommodate customers who bring in digital media just as they used to bring in film and deliver prints of equally fine quality. In addition Frontier gives outstanding flexibility and ample capacity for today's digital imaging demands.

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