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EVP (Marketing and Marketing Services), | 24 Jun 2002

If you look at sheer numbers. TV will always outscore press. That is why we and lot more companies tend to pool a lot of money on television and back it up with certain amount of press advertising which allows us to give the names of the dealers. If the consumer picks up the newspaper and is going to buy a refrigerator then it becomes far easier to see the ad and go to the particular dealer. In white goods unlike in FMCG, dealers are also very important receivers of communication as they play a very important role in customer's brand choice.

Q. How are your brands positioned? What kind of differentiating strategy do you use?

Right now we are in the middle of developing different brand strategy. In 1995 we launched Electrolux in the front door washing machine segment. In 1998 we acquired two different brands-Voltas and Allwyn. And if you look at early 1999, we were there in the market space with four different brands- Electrolux, Kelvinator, Voltas and Allwyn.

From the Agency

Sandeep Karwal, VP-Client services, O&M says, "It has been really exciting working with Electrolux because there has been strategically relevant and good work involved. The advertising strategy involved in the current campaign is simple and clear announcement of the coming together of the two brands and how the consumer is going to benefit with the merge. We have tried to provide the consumer with a product of greater utility and value which would make their life much simpler."

Sridhar Balasubramanian, Media Director, Maximize says, "The media strategy has been: Mass reach with high impact through usage of TV; Presence through the year with minimum hiatus with heightened presence during the festive season; Usage of mass based options including Star Plus and Sony with high TRP programmes, print media to provide dealer support and information about sales outlook".

Satbir Singh, Associate Creative Director, O&M says, "The creative strategy for the recent campaign is just to show the merge of the two brands - Electrolux and Kelvinator, which is depicted by a firang wife and an Indian husband."

Electrolux Kelvinator Limited retails its products under its brands - Electrolux, Electrolux Kelvinator and Allwyn.

---- SNAPSHOT ---
Product Categories: Refrigerator, Washing Machine
Total Market Share
Refrigerator For Jan-Mar'02
Kelvinator 18.2%*
Allwyn 6.7%*
Washing Machine 2.2%*
Creative Agency O&M
Media Agency Maximize
Client Servicing Sandeep Karwal, Dinesh Singh
Media Planning Sridhar B., Bhavana Mittal, Nirupam Lahiri
Creative Raghavan Prasad, Satbir Singh
*Source: ORG

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