Indigo Nation attempts a ‘change’ revolution

Indigo Nation attempts a ‘change’ revolution

Author | Priyanka Mehra | Tuesday, May 29,2012 7:03 PM

Indigo Nation attempts a ‘change’ revolution

Indigo Nation, a brand from the house of Indus League Clothing, has launched its new Spring/Summer Collection 2012 with a new concept of ‘Changeism.’ The brand is targeting the youth and attempts to form a strong connect with this group by making ‘Changeism’ the new religion.

It has segmented its new collection with popular terms among the youth such as Wassupism, Checkoutism, Dualism and Blingism.

“Our target group is the youth. They are young, smart, cool and know fashion well. If there is one word, one mantra that defines the youth today, it is change. One thing we discovered was that youngsters do not believe in permanency; for them life is all about change. Hence, we came up with the concept of ‘Changeism’,” said Ajit Vishwanath, Deputy Manager Marketing, Indus League Clothing.

The brand believes, every ‘ism’ under ‘Changeism’ relates with the youth. Blingism is the party collection, Dualism is the black and white collection, and Checkoutism is the ubiquitous checks collection.

“For Gen Y, dress codes, heroes, hangouts, beliefs and aspirations are all temporary and short-lived. This constantly changing attitude is what Indigo Nation has called Changeism,” added Vishwanath.

Since its inception, Indigo nation has been perceived as a men’s apparel brand with a contemporary twist. With the philosophy of ‘Changeism’, the brand urges the youth to take notice of its new collection.

The nation-wide campaign has been activated through bus shelters. The message was also conveyed through Volvo bus branding and four-page newspaper inserts initiated in Bangalore.

On the social media front, the Facebook campaign of Individualism that invited fans to create their own ‘ism’ have also met with success.

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