Indica woos customers for its petrol version

Indica woos customers for its petrol version

Author | Ashish Singh | Saturday, Sep 04,2004 8:25 AM

Indica woos customers for its petrol version

The latest commercial of Tata Indica to hit the tube is wooing potential coustomers with a test-drive-and-win-an-Indica scheme. The initiative appears to be an attempt to reposition the vehicle as a family car, and shrug off the perception that it is a luxury cab. Company officials however refuse to accept the repositioning argument. “It is not repositioning. Indica and Indigo both are successful,” averred Ruchika Batra, Head-Corporate Communications, Tata Motors.

The increasing number of air-conditioned Indica taxis wheeling across the country have provided a considerable boost to sales, and generated a perception that the Indica is more of a commercial vehicle. The cumulative figures for April-July 2004 show that 56,056 Indica cars were sold, registering a 32.5 per cent growth over the corresponding period last year.

Under the promo scheme, the lucky winner of the scheme would drive home a new 75 VS Tata Indica V2 Petrol worth around Rs 3.5 lakhs. “Indica is the highest sold car and, through this event, we are trying to gain more visibility and attract excitement around the petrol version,” maintained Batra. As she claimed, the diesel version was a value-for-money offer and it had already carved a ground for itself.

In 1998, when Indica hit the roads, the whole concept was to offer a vehicle – spacious as a big car at the cost of a small car. And, the value-for-money offering was aptly substantiated with the catch-line ‘More Car Per Car’.

Refuting the argument that it was repositioning exercise to boost sales of the petrol version, Batra said, “The promotion is being carried out to celebrate 50 years of automobile production by Tata Motors, a milestone we reached this year, as well as to create some excitement around Tata cars.”

The automobile major is planning to celebrate the golden jubilee event with extensive promotions in outdoor, television and print. While FCB Ulka has been handling the creative mandate for Tata Motors, the brain behind making of the witty commercial on the Indica test-drive-and-win is Konal Kapoor.

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