Indian brands capitalising on global expansions

Indian brands capitalising on global expansions

Author | Tasneem Limbdiwala | Monday, Apr 04,2011 9:20 AM

Indian brands capitalising on global expansions

As Indian brands realise their global ambitions, it has become important to understand the cost of going global and facing competition from international brands.

According to Anand Kripalu, President, South Asia & Indo China Managing Director, Kraft Foods India, there was a cost of making a brand global and one had to maintain that cost, along with other factors. To reiterate his point, he cited the examples of how Indian brands like Parachute, Dabur, Kingfisher, Airtel, Titan, as well as IT companies like Infosys, that had successfully bridged the global divide and had made their mark.

Sanjiv Sarin, Regional President, South Asia – Tata Global Beverages Ltd, noted that each brand should understand distinct markets and added that India was at the threshold of experiencing competition from international brands. He added, “If a brand has to succeed globally, it needs to be a world class product and have a clear cut differentiation.”

Even as brands wanted to make a mark in their respective categories, it needs to be kept in mind that every emerging market was different in their own way, advised Abheek Singhi of The Boston Consulting Group. He continued that different strategies needed to be executed in each market. According to him, these included relevance of the brands, patience while expanding in the market, having both local and global presence, and believing in the power of network.

For Shubhra Sinha, MD, Marketing Globalisation, Cisco Systems, India was a pool of global brands and was high on talent, scale, flexibility and growth. However, Indian brands needed to look at the quality part as also innovative ideas, she added.

Industry experts are unanimous that India is at the threshold of a new wave and needs to catch that wave and explore opportunities.

The speakers were at the 11th CII Annual Marketing Summit, hosted in Mumbai on April 1, 2011, which was the second day of the Summit. This session was moderated by Kraft Foods India’s Anand Kripalu.


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