Indian Airlines turns completely ‘Indian’, acquires new corporate identity

Indian Airlines turns completely ‘Indian’, acquires new corporate identity

Author | Pallavi Goorha | Monday, Dec 12,2005 7:12 AM

Indian Airlines turns completely ‘Indian’, acquires new corporate identity

The grand old dame of the Indian skies, state-owned Indian Airlines (IA), has acquired a new corporate identity and a new name as well. As part of its makeover strategy, the airlines has rechristened itself as ‘Indian’.

Elaborating on the makeover, RK Swamy BBDO Executive Director Ajit Shah, said, “These days it’s a pride to be Indian. The airlines has only changed its logo and the brand name. There is more contemporiness and competitiveness for the brand. It is a contemporary graphic representation inspired by the wheel of the Sun Temple at Konark, which symbolises timeless motion, convergence and divergence. It also embodies the solidity and trust that has stood the test of time.”

RK Swamy BBDO, Senior Creative Director, P S Mann, explained, “IA changed its name, motif and colours to be more contemporary. It is symbolic of all the changes that have happened over the years. Indian will launch a TVC highlighting its re-branding and new image.”

He further said that the TVC campaign was built on a 360-degree approach involving hoardings, TVCs and print.

The official spokesperson at IA’s PR department said, “There are three reasons behind change of the name. To begin with, the new designs will be implemented only on the Airbus A319s, but gradually, the changes will be made in the entire fleet. The airline staff will have new uniforms. Secondly, with the advent of private carriers, the national carrier has had to constantly ward off their challenge. We have brought a change in the product. Thirdly, we wanted to refresh the brand name as we’ve had the same brand for the last 38 years.”

He further said that maintaining the continuity and strengthening the brand was the familiar orange colour, but along with it there was a dash of blue now that was vibrant and had a natural affiliation with the sky and aviation.

The big and bold font connotes the inherent strengths and the solid base of the airline, of its vast network, technology and infrastructure. The rebranding, the arrival of new aircraft on lease, acquisition of 43 aircraft, the proposed IPO – all signal a resurgent airline with a renewed sense of dynamism and energy.

Indian Airlines came into being with the enactment of the Air Corporations Act, 1953. At present, it has an annual turnover of around Rs 6,000 crore. Together with its subsidiary, Alliance Air, the airline carries over 7.5 million passengers annually. The airlines also has an international network spanning Kuwait in the West to Singapore in the East, covering 76 destinations – 58 within India and 18 abroad.

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