IMRB, Envirosell in pact for point of sale strategies

IMRB, Envirosell in pact for point of sale strategies

Author | Arwa Sultanali | Wednesday, Dec 14,2011 7:32 AM

IMRB, Envirosell in pact for point of sale strategies

IMRB International Group and Envirosell, a US-based premier consumer behaviour research firm, are joining hands to assist companies in India with effective point of sale strategies.

Envirosell uses observational research in stores or commercial establishments like retail outlets, hospitals, airports, etc., to provide recommendations on how to improve customers’ experience in that space. About 60 per cent of their work is working on on-store prototypes.

Speaking to a group of marketers, Paco Underhill, Founding President of Envirosell, said, “We look at the operating system and physical design the product is sold in and make recommendations.”

For example, they will look at the colours that are being used or space arrangement in retail outlets with the help of video-ethnography – a technique that uses a video camera to study and understand the environment of a person.

Some of the video-ethnography techniques like shop-along interviews, customer experience interviews, in-store video recordings etc will help identify the most effective use of the space itself and enhance the shopping experience of the customer.

By combining Envirosell’s shopper research expertise and IMRB Group’s understanding of the local retail environment and consumers, they would be able to increase sales as well as enhance the use of that space.

Thomas Puliyel, President, IMRB International Group, said, “IMRB International has a specialist retail cell but what we are hoping is that the offering of that retail cell will get considerably enhanced because of this technique and collaboration we have now with Envirosell.”

He further said that researchers who were already trained in these kinds of studies would carry out the research plus training would be imparted in New York to those going from IMRB International as well. “Research hubs will also be set up in Delhi and in Mumbai,” he added.

Underhill concluded by saying, “If you wish to be a 21st century marketer, having an ongoing connection to in-store tactics is a very important part in adding that decimal point to your life time earnings. Our job at IMRB and Envirosell is to ensure that we make that decimal point move for you.”


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