Ignitee’s V Ramani & Harminder K Datta set up Parietal Innovative Solutions

Ignitee’s V Ramani & Harminder K Datta set up Parietal Innovative Solutions

Author | Shree Lahiri | Monday, Oct 17,2011 10:08 AM

Ignitee’s V Ramani & Harminder K Datta set up Parietal Innovative Solutions

V Ramani, Co-founder and Vice Chairman of Ignitee, and Harminder K Datta former Chief Strategy Officer of the company, have joined hands to launch new media consultancy firm, Parietal Innovative Solutions Pvt Ltd. Parietal Innovative Solutions, which is being formally launched on October 17, 2011, is a full service media consulting, planning and implementation company based out of Mumbai.

Packing in their combined years of experience in the media industry (Ramani’s 29 years and Datta’s 15 years), this new outfit will work towards getting involved looking at the clients’ market needs.

Speaking to exchange4media, Ramani said that starting such an outfit had been on his mind and he had been speaking to people on this too. “Now I thought why not give it a shot?” he added. Elaborating on the venture, he said, “The entire race has changed. If you look back, it has been an events-led mentality. It could be sales time or IPL time and people would be thinking ‘I want to put 200 spots, but if competition puts 300, I would want to outshoot him’. But the question here is, are you looking at the consumer? Are you bringing the consumer closer?”

He lamented the fact that one was not looking at the consumer any more, but only at the competition. “If you do the right analysis, the link is to the consumer – whether it is consumer affinity, salience, propensity to buy or the negative aspects. But these are not being looked at,” he noted.

“At the end of the day, you throw peanuts, you get monkeys,” quipped Ramani. It is here that Parietal Innovative Solutions is seeking to change the rules of the game.

Datta added here, “The key factor is we are not an agency in the typical sense. It will be a full-service media consultancy and the focus will be on digital media – social media, search, push – and will extend to cross-media consultancy.”

Explaining the rather unusual sounding name of the agency, she said that the name was essentially a part of the brain – the parietal lobe, which dealt with interpretation of sensory information around us. As the name suggests, team Parietal will strive to piece together various marketing/ brand objectives, changing audience behaviour, shifting media scenarios and environmental developments to arrive at differentiated and effective communication solutions for the businesses they partner with.

“We’re trying to redefine the old model. It’s a complete vendorisation of agencies today (with commissions) and they need a given number of clients to break even. We are not into this game. We will have select clients and work with the client,” Datta maintained.

Ramani emphasised here that their connect with Ignitee would continue. “Ignitee is our first client and both of us will continue consulting with them,” he stressed.

They will be providing customised solutions based on deep-rooted consumer understanding and sound strategy and not follow market trends blindly. The new firm will develop and execute “innovative solutions” for business and work with businesses as ‘partners’ and not as third party service providers.

Parietal Innovative Solutions will offer services in areas of Digital Marketing, Cross Media Consultancy, Research & Analytics, Media Training, and Backend Enhancements.

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