Hyundai Motor India offers free fuel vouchers to push Santro and i10 sales

Hyundai Motor India offers free fuel vouchers to push Santro and i10 sales

Author | exchange4media News Service | Thursday, Jun 26,2008 8:13 AM

Hyundai Motor India offers free fuel vouchers to push Santro and i10 sales

These are tough times for car manufacturers. Rising fuel prices and interest rates are slowing down car sales. In a bid to push sales car manufacturers are coming up with various innovations. Hyundai Motor India Ltd (HMIL) is one such company. It is offering a free fuel voucher worth Rs 2,700 with every Santro and i10 bought between June 20 and 30, 2008.

The offer is expected to offset some of the additional cost of fuel that the customer would have to bear because of the recent fuel price increase. The calculations are based on the assumption that a regular customer would use the car to travel a distance of approximately 50 km every day and the additional amount that he/she would have to pay for this in the first six months (because of the increased price) corresponds to the amount of offer that HMIL is offering with the purchase of the car.

This is the first time that an auto manufacturer in India has put money on its claims of fuel efficiency levels. The scheme, which is open to car buyers across the country, has been executed in partnership with Indian Oil Corporation.

“This is our way of helping customers cope with the increased fuel costs, and to demonstrate that the hike translates into just Rs 2,700 in additional fuel bills for a period of six months, given the fuel efficiency of a Santro or an i10,” explained Arvind Saxena, Senior Vice President, HMIL.

Rajiv Mitra, Corporate Communications Head, HMIL, said, “We are not doing any promotional activities around the offer as of now. We are informing people about this offer through print ads in leading newspapers. Our dealers are also creating awareness about this offer.”

Incidentally, HMIL claims that the Hyundai Santro and the i10 yield 14 km per litre, a fact vouched by the independent expert panel at Autocar (Autocar, December 2007). Given this level of fuel efficiency, the fuel price hike translates into an additional cost of Rs 0.36 per km when driving a Santro or an i10. Allowing for an average usage of 1,250 km per month, the cost for driving a Santro or an i10 would be Rs 446 per month or Rs 2,678.60 for six months, a sum that Hyundai Motor India is offering to reimburse.

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