Huntsman introduces new products, plans aggressive marketing activities

Huntsman introduces new products, plans aggressive marketing activities

Author | Shikha Saroj | Wednesday, Aug 23,2006 9:26 AM

Huntsman introduces new products, plans aggressive marketing activities

Huntsman Advanced Materials, best known for super glue Araldite, is planning to further strengthen its hold in the global market by launching new products and a new marketing strategy in India. Based in Switzerland, Rohit Agarwal, Global Marketing Director, Huntsman, Advanced Materials, visited India to review products that have been launched in the past six months and also chalk out a marketing plan for 10 Huntsman products that will be launched in the next one year.

Agarwal said, “India is the biggest growth market and we have planned to invest heavily in India.”

Huntsman has recently launched products such as Araldite Karpenter, KLAD-X and Araldite Builder in India, which Agarwal promised, were the most superior products in the adhesive market.

He further said, “Our products are used for aircraft and automobile manufacturing, construction, telecommunications as well as industry-specific products. We will now launch products that will particularly focus on construction and will be the next generation products that fit well in the Indian market.”

Huntsman’s marketing strategy will also focus on packaging products so that they are easy to use. As a part of its communication plan, Huntsman will release a TVC for Araldite Karpenter by December 2006. The ad’s objective is to introduce contractors and carpenters to a new wood glue that has a strong adhesive properties.

Actor Rajpal Yadav will endorse Araldite Karpenter and establish mass level awareness about the brand. The ad’s idea is to try and change the existing mindset of the end user and to get him to try the product once, after which the quality of the product and the credibility of the parent brand, Araldite, will do the rest.

The ad’s concept is ‘Winds of Change’, where the film starts with a shot of a fairly crowded street and Kallu carpenter is walking towards his work place holding a box of regular adhesive. He passes by a giant hoarding with Rajpal Yadav’s cutout, as he watches him Yadav suddenly comes alive on that hoarding and speaks to the crowd.

Yadav points at Kallu and admonishes him for using ordinary adhesive and Kallu gets embarrassed and runs away. He reaches a traffic signal where he takes a breather. A bus comes to halt in front and again we see a giant poster of Yadav, where he again comes to life and tells Kallu that he is not smart because he does not use Araldite Karpenter.

Kallu enters the front of his work-site and takes a breather, looks around and takes a good look at the mediocre adhesive that he has been using. Kallu drops his head with sense of failure and is about to enter his work-site half-heartedly when he sees Yadav standing besides him. Yadav gives him a reassuring pat and advices him to use Araldite Karpentar.

The ad has been conceptualised by Auvil Production and Red Ice Films Pvt Ltd.

Huntsman will continue to globally invest in the Araldite brand and increase its current market share, which is 60 per cent. Commenting on Araldite’s direct competitor, Fevicol from Pidilite Industries, which has one of the most creative ads, Agarwal said, “Our product is used primarily for trade and industry purposes unlike Fevicol, which is primarily used by carpenters and for craft purposes. Though Araldite glue is used in households, it is used to not stick paper but broken objects. The most commonly used Araldite from Huntsman is the basic glue, which has not been advertised and has only grown popular because of its superior quality.”

According to Agarwal, the idea behind advertising Araldite Karpentar was to connect with carpenters and plumbers so that they were aware of a new product being launched under the Araldite brand and buy the product because they want to make customers happy.

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