HLL's soap opera unfolds fresh ideas

HLL's soap opera unfolds fresh ideas

Author | Source: Business Line | Wednesday, Mar 08,2006 8:23 AM

HLL's soap opera unfolds fresh ideas

Withdrawing the Liril variants Icy Cool Mint and Orange Fresh, HLL has decided to adopt a seasonal marketing strategy for extended Liril flavours. In its efforts to lift the sagging fortunes of the 30-year-old Liril brand over the past few years, the company has moved beyond the lime-based offering to come up with new variants. In 2002 it introduced Liril Icy Cool Mint, while the summer of 2004 saw the launch of Liril Orange Fresh.

Summer is the season

According to Mr Ashok Venkatramani, VP, Skincare, HLL, "The variants are seasonal in nature and sell more during summer. Liril variants should be making an appearance this summer and that is when their sales will pick up.'' However, he adds, "It is not a re-launch but more like a re-introduction of the variants this summer."

As the Liril variants have `cooling' overtones such as icy cool mint and orange, industry observers say it makes sense to launch them during summer. Market sources say HLL has planned more Liril variants for this summer.

Goes to McCann Erickson

Meanwhile, recently, HLL for the first time ever shifted the Liril account from Lowe to McCann Erickson. Nearly 30 years after Lowe made a splash with images of the `Liril girl under the waterfall', HLL has decided to give its heritage brand a new dimension to revive its shares.

Mr Santosh Desai, President, McCann Erickson, said, "Today there is a greater incentive to even out the seasonality of brands. In fact, the soap market is likely to see more variants addressing smaller segments and there will be more brands which will be sharply positioned during summer."

The recent past has seen new soap launches targeting the summer months ahead. For instance, Dettol, which is pitted against Liril, recently launched Dettol Cool enriched with menthol and resembling Liril's blue-coloured Icy Cool Mint.

Dettol soap

In fact, despite being the market leader in the premium soaps segment, Dettol soaps face the `seasonality' issue, as consumers perceive it as a product that is dry on the skin. Adds Desai, "Dettol is trying to even out the seasonality of its soap brand.''

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