HDFC Standard Life ties up with Balancing Act Productions to promote ‘Self Respect’

HDFC Standard Life ties up with Balancing Act Productions to promote ‘Self Respect’

Author | Nitin Sharma | Thursday, Oct 23,2008 8:16 AM

HDFC Standard Life ties up with Balancing Act Productions to promote ‘Self Respect’

HDFC Standard Life is sponsoring ‘Arcus’, stated to be the largest Hindi musical extravaganza. Produced by Balancing Act Productions, the theme of ‘Arcus’ relates to HDFC Standard Life’s brand value – ‘Sar Utha Ke Jiyo’ (Respect yourself).

Promoted by Divya Palat and Aditya Hitkari, ‘Arcus’ premiered on October 11, 2008 at Mumbai’s Tata Theatre and will be followed by 20 shows in Mumbai alone. It will be staged across the country in the first quarter of next year (about 50-100 shows) and by the end of 2009, there are plans to convert it to film.

Commenting on the association with Arcus, Sanjay Tripathy, EVP and Head – Marketing, HDFC Standard Life, said, “The theme of ‘Arcus’ relates to our brand value – Sar Utha Ke Jiyo. Our brand essence has been reflected very well in the play, portrayed by the main character ‘Arcus’, thereby creating an intrinsic brand fit between ‘Arcus’ and HDFC Standard Life. ‘Sar Utha Ke Jiyo’ or Respect Yourself has always been a core value for all Indians. Self respect has most times meant self-reliance and self-sufficiency – a value system ingrained into young and old across all sections of the society.”

“We have always been instrumental in reinforcing and promoting the core value of self-respect in all our communication campaigns through diverse mediums, and extending it to a play was logical to spread the message even far and wide. ‘Arcus,’ based on the story of a toy soldier, combines the realm of fantasy and reality. It reiterates values such as self-reliance, self-belief, and self-confidence, which help an individual to live life with his head held high,” Tripathy added.

Divya Palat, co-owner of Balancing Act Productions, said, “‘Arcus’ marks Balancing Act Production’s foray into Hindi theatre. With an original script, fantastic sets and wonderful music, we believe ‘Arcus’ is a play of truly international standards. This play showcases Indian theatre’s creative potential and Aditya (Hitkari) and I were blown away with the tremendous possibilities that ‘Arcus’ has.”

Meanwhile, Sony-BMG has picked up the exclusive production and distribution rights for ‘Arcus.’ It is for the first time that Sony-BMG is associating with a theatrical event and will also be promoting the CD and music nationally. The audio CD was officially launched on October 19, 2008.

A portion of the proceeds of ‘Arcus’ will go to Care-to-Cure charity, which supports children suffering from cancer and providing shelter to under-privileged children and their families.

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