Havas Media launches Meaningful Brands

Havas Media launches Meaningful Brands

Author | exchange4media News Service | Thursday, Feb 09,2012 1:49 PM

Havas Media launches Meaningful Brands

Havas Media, a global media network of Havas, has launched Meaningful Brands, a global framework that offers a new index, analysis and proprietary tools to measure and build brand value in the context of today’s demanding environment.

Worldwide and regional comparisons:

The analysis suggests that the next generation of brands will come from emerging economies. People in fast growing economies, such as Asian and Latin American markets record a stronger and healthier relationship with brands. The proportion of brands making a notable positive contribution to our lives increases to around 57 per cent in China, 30 per cent in Latin America, compared to 8 per cent in European markets, where people tend to be more skeptical and less engaged with brands. In the US, it’s 5 per cent.

Vishnu Mohan, CEO of Havas Media Asia Pacific, said, “The findings of Meaningful Brands analysis are especially relevant for marketers in Asia. It clearly shows the seriousness with which consumers in Asia look at the social, ethical and environmental aspects of a brand. As a region, which is growing at a rapid pace, the findings provide a huge opportunity to create the context that promotes the growth of brands. Companies and brands operating in our region can play a big role in transforming the lives of millions of people and contribute to the progress of their societies.”

By contrast, the situation in developed economies is the opposite. He said, “Brands in these regions are no longer seen to improve people’s quality of life. There is an aging and increasingly poorer middle class who are demanding that brands help them to lead and create new lifestyles that fit in to their new expectations and values. In order to survive, these brands must reevaluate their definitions of success and take up the challenge to make meaningful contributions to these people’s lives.”

Meaningful Brands helps brands develop relationship by understanding exactly what people expect from brands. It also helps track how successful companies are responding to these needs by understanding how these companies are contributing to wellbeing, both as citizens and individuals, and how they communicate these values to brands. It also shows that there's a big business opportunity for brands, which are able to satisfy consumers by creating wellbeing in the context of their new values, expectations and local market realities.

Key trends in India and China show that majority of consumers would pay 10 per cent more for socially and environmentally responsible goods in India and China. About 95 per cent and 85 per cent say they trust companies with a responsible or social profile more than those without, in China and India respectively.

For the record, the research was carried out from March to June 2011 across 14 markets - France, Spain, UK, Germany, Italy, USA, Mexico, Brazil, Colombia, Chile, Argentina, China, Japan and India. The research took into account the views of 50,000 consumers via online panels.

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