Guest Column: Harnessing the power of experiential marketing

Guest Column: Harnessing the power of experiential marketing

Author | Windchimes Communications | Saturday, Aug 02,2014 11:41 AM

Guest Column: Harnessing the power of experiential marketing

There lies a huge difference between making noise and making a lasting impact. A brand cannot be there to be just there, it needs to offer the coolest of experiences to its customers. Thus, such impressive experience bring with them great benefits too.

Experiential marketing has been helping brands achieve greater and personalised awareness and engagement, leading to a much stronger brand loyalty. Experiential marketing, thus, leads to offering positive experiences to people about a product or brand.

The simple rule of psychology says that we learn from our experience, and hence, the same rule also applies to marketing. The brand experiences that we go through help us form perceptions about the brand, trust and in turn become loyal customers. Experience does matter.

This is where experiential marketing plays the most important role as it triggers emotions, motivation and stimulates the neural region that makes decisions.

By implementing an experiential marketing strategy, brands invite great benefits:
• Create awareness, builds brand image
• Display attributes
• Gain credibility
• Encourage purchase behaviour
• Appeals to consumer sense & develops emotional connection
• Build positive perceptions about the brand
• Builds customer brand loyalty
• Makes the brand stand out compared to the competition

Consumers face unique experiences and varied choices, which link them directly to the brand. Marketers are ready to invest in innovative technologies, so experiential is the trend. Face to face interaction strengthens the relationships with target audiences. Rising competition in the industry gives way for brands to be more innovative in their marketing approach. Lastly, brand image and customer loyalty essentially convert into sales and experiential marketing does provide measurable results and return on investment (ROI).

Following is a collection of some of the best experiential marketing efforts by top brand across the globe:

Mercedes Benz – “Looks fast. Even in park.”

Tropicana - "Brighter mornings for brighter days"

National Geographic – Augmented Reality

Spanair - "Unexpected luggage"

Granata Pet Store - "Snack Check"

Coca-Cola - "The Coca-Cola friendship machine"

Harper Collins - "This dark endeavor"

Bar Aurora & Boteco Ferraz - "Drunk Valet"

Volkswagen - "The fun theory"

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