Graphene Media launches a platform that connects brands to college fests

Graphene Media launches a platform that connects brands to college fests

Author | exchange4media News Service | Thursday, Jul 17,2014 8:10 AM

Graphene Media launches a platform that connects brands to college fests

Graphene Media, media services agency, has launched, a unique portal for connecting brands to youth through college festivals. The annual college festival is most eagerly awaited event which any college student looks forward to – the seniors, freshers, and even the alumni.

The biggest challenge, every year, is to get sponsors to support the event.  This is more challenging for colleges beyond the metros & top 100 institutions in the country. These colleges are constrained by the limited connect with the brands & corporate world, hence aren’t able to get best value for the sponsorship opportunities. The platform will enable a community connect with more than 10 million students.

The objective of this platform is to connect 3000+ colleges from across the country to 500+ brands on one common platform. The colleges will list details about their forthcoming events, and the sponsorship opportunities. The participating brands will be able to explore the options available, and book sponsorships across 3000 colleges from 300 towns on one platform. This marketplace will enable both the colleges and the brands to maximise value and create a new opportunity for brand engagement.

Each college will be able to get sponsorship on an average of Rs 1 lakh. The bigger and established events may even be able to get Rs 5 lakh as sponsorship money. This will enable the college organising committee and the students to create bigger & more entertaining annual fests thereby enriching the lives of students across the country.

The portal also has an online engagement window, named “Students Forum” where the students can connect with their peers, sponsors, brands and showcase their college events, its specialities/ uniqueness and build excitement around the event.  This functionality will also provide a window to students & their colleges to connect with the corporate world, and may open up doors for much longer association – on research projects/ assignments, on the job training, mentoring by practicing managers,  which will enhance their skills and train them for real life work environment, or it may  even get them direct employment opportunities.

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