GlaxoSmithKline focuses on modern retail to power New Boost launch

GlaxoSmithKline focuses on modern retail to power New Boost launch

Author | Shruti Tripathi | Wednesday, Oct 29,2008 8:00 AM

GlaxoSmithKline focuses on modern retail to power New Boost launch

In a bid to push modern trade as an organised retail trade channel, GlaxoSmithKline Consumer Healthcare has embarked on an extensive modern trade campaign to support the launch of its malt-based health drink, Boost, in a new avatar. The launch is supported by a new brand campaign, ‘More I Play, More I Learn’, which reiterates the importance of sports in teaching valuable lessons that help make one a winner in life.

The campaign includes innovative in-store execution at modern format retail outlets such as Big Bazaar, More, Metro, Spencers, Reliance Hypers, Vishal Megamart, Heritage and Magna, among others. The execution reflects the theme of ‘Go Play’ through in-store creatives such as cricket stadium displays, basketball pillar floor standing units (FSU) and other innovative communications. The campaign emphasises the fact that sports help develop winners through invaluable lessons that it can teach in life.

Explaining the concept of modern trade, Sandeep Thangiah, General Manager - Customer Marketing, GlaxoSmithKline Consumer Healthcare, said, “Any organised form of retail or wholesale activity, which is typically a multi-outlet chain of stores or part of a global retailer, is centrally managed and has electronic billing, is generally self-service, has distribution centers and has a robust expansion plan, falls under this bracket. Modern trade formats include supermarkets, hypermarkets, cash and carry, and specialty chains.”

Talking about the importance of modern trade, Thangiah added, “Modern trade is a very important channel for FMCG companies. Due to inherent channel strength of higher visibility and in-store awareness, it helps categories where the household penetration is not that high. It aids in new product launch as it enables the brand to interact better with the shoppers. It provides the shoppers a platform where they can touch, feel and sometimes experience the product in order to make an informed decision.”

Talking about the campaign, Adityea Kapoor, General Manager - CSD and Modern Trade, GlaxoSmithKline Consumer Healthcare, said, “Through our innovative modern trade campaign for the launch of New Boost, we look forward to reinforcing the brand’s essence of the winning spirit in a more relatable and engaging manner. Our in-store creatives carry the simple theme of ‘Go Play’ and we have received some great initial response from both the shoppers and our retail partners.”

He added, “At GSKCH we believe that modern trade is helping us in the HFD lower penetrated markets like North and West. By 2010, we expect sales through modern trade to contribute around 10 per cent to our turnover. We are also confident that modern trade will play an important role when we launch some of our international best-seller brands in India. Our recent launch of Women’s Horlicks saw a lot of interactive activation in modern trade environments. It helped us reach out to our TG in a unique manner and create a relationship with the brand at the launch stage itself. Today, modern trade contributes significantly to Women’s Horlicks sales.”

GSKCH has embarked on relationships with quite a few modern trade partners. The company is moving from account management, which is about treating channel partners as mere suppliers to 360-degree customer leadership, which is about collaborative working. 360-degree customer leadership involves a four-step process, which starts with understanding the objectives, identifying joint opportunities, aligning plans and reviewing progress on a regular basis, through a score card.

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