Ganjam, successfully straddling heritage and exclusivity

Ganjam, successfully straddling heritage and exclusivity

Author | Tuhina Anand | Monday, Apr 28,2008 8:23 AM

Ganjam, successfully straddling heritage and exclusivity

Ganjam, the premium jewellery store with a heritage of over a century, has put in a conscious effort to build the brand to its repute today. While many in this category may just be happy with a few press ads in the glossies, Ganjam got into an association with Julian Walford, Managing Director of Walford Wilkie Ltd, London, to give a definite direction to the brand.

Walford has been described as ‘a marketing guru’ for the paradigm shifting strategies that he has developed for clients. He has been a key influencer in the development of British jeweller Boodles to an international brand status jeweller. His successful international projects include names such as Red Bull, Veuve Clicquot Champagne, Dunhill, John Lobb for Hermes, Bass Brewers, Lever Brothers, and Procter & Gamble.

Walford’s company was referred to by the Platinum Guild International as Ganjam was the first player to use platinum in India. Walford said, “After we came on board, we felt that while Ganjam was working towards creating exquisite jewellery pieces, the tools used for communication were standard tools, which lacked potential to project it fully. We looked at lifting Ganjam away from the morass of jewellery advertising that was present and set it on different plane altogether.”

Hence, came the tagline – ‘Heighten your senses’ – which was developed after a lot of research. Walford explained, “We came to India and researched about women buying expensive jewellery. One thing applied to everybody, and that was putting on a jewellery gives a thrill – it heightens your senses. And that’s the central proposition for Ganjam. We aim to capture that excitement of wearing jewellery.”

Any communication in luxury brand needed to focus on desirability and exclusivity, and that was what the communication pieces had been aiming to do, he further said.

Suresh Subrahmanyan , Marketing Head, Ganjam, said, “In Ganjam’s advertising, one will find that it tends to convey an experience, an image which is ethereal. You will not find subjects like discounts and exchange offers in any of our advertising. We believe that Ganjam appeals to all the five senses and that’s what our advertisements say.”

The communication has also evolved over the years, where earlier the focus was more on black and white photographs by renowned photographer Prabhudda Dasgupta, which were more like art works. With a partner like Walford Wilkie, a thought process came into place with clearly defined objectives.

So where is the brand headed? Subrahmanyan replied, “We have positioned the brand as a very desirable premium luxury brand, but it’s just the beginning of our journey. We are confident that we are creating a kind of exclusive image that we wanted, and know this from the interactions we’ve had with people before and after our advertising broke.”

In the past, the brand has been associated with premium events such as the international jewellery fair in Basel, Switzerland in 2007, where the Platinum Guild International had commissioned Ganjam to create a special masterpiece ‘Iraja’ for display at the fair. In September 2006, Ganjam became the only brand to exhibit heritage jewellery at Lucca Preziosa, Italy. Same year, Ganjam presented ‘The Silk Road’, a mega event displaying haute couture by Yumi Katsura.

In 2004, Ganjam’s jewellery adorned models at an exclusive showing at Madame Tussauds, London. At Vicenza and New York, Ganjam’s winning piece at the Gold Virtuosi 2, also known as the Oscars of gold jewellery design, was showcased to rave reviews.

The jewellery brand is also associated with Ganjam Jaipur Polo Trophy, which is held in Berkshire at the Great Windsor Park.

In future, the communication is also looking at using the digital platform.

The brand, which has stores in Bangalore and Mumbai, is now looking at having its presence in Delhi at the Delhi Emporio Mall, which would cater exclusively to Indian and international luxury brands.

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